It Was Me

I was driving home the other day, 
Down the same old streets like always, 
I passed the school, the church, the cemetary,
And I started to think of the old days. 

I passed my old best friend's house. 
She's now moved away with a child of her own.
I passed the park where I met my friends,
We'd like to play games where we were grown. 

I drove up a hill that was bigger when I was 9, 
I spent hours on my bike in the heat of July, 
My legs were sore, the sun burned my skin, 
But when I soared down that hill, I knew I could fly. 

I stopped for some gas at the convenient store, 
And I saw a father walk in with his kid, 
It reminded me of walking in with my dad, 
No place had a harder choice than the candy aisle did. 

I went home, walking through the same door. 
Inside, it was the same, never changing its way, 
But everywhere I looked, I saw another person.
It was me, long ago, awaiting for this day. 

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