White Chevy Malibu

For every white car I see the memories come flooding back
it was a typical New England Autumn night
crisp air nipped at my nose 
but I didn’t mind
I was with you
we drove through our little ghost town in your white chevy malibu
on wet pavement
in the midst of shy smiles 
and timid conversation
you told me stories of Tom Sawyer like adventures with your friends
and I hung on every word
you talked about your fear of stepping into the real world in only a matter of months
and I felt privileged to witness your vulnerable side
with every word
and every sentence 
and every look
I became more and more enthralled
I saw galaxies in your eyes and a fire burned in my heart
it was only after we said our goodbyes that I let my hair down
plopped onto my bed wearing a dopey grin
memorising every word you spoke
like they were the lyrics to my old favorite song
every now and again I catch myself peering into the windows of a white car I might come across
hoping to catch a glimpse of the silhouette that broke me
I still dream of that Fall evening in your white Chevy Malibu
even now


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