Memories Bygone


The autumn leaf; it drifts along
One last remnant of days bygone
It floats and it drifts, a twirl as it weaves
It cannot be bothered; shall do as it means
A memory to visit and, meandering, mourn
A place now to wander: there hopes were once born

The wind pleads "Don't tarry," and pushes it on
Friend Leaf, now it tumbles and heads towards the dawn
It flies ever higher, and taking in view
Of a town and a city; a life once it knew
A time filled with laughter, not met much with strife
Now cut from those summers as cut with a knife

The wind, it blows stronger; the leaf, it grows brittle
Those memories drift further, remembered but little
But forgotten yet not - nay, perhaps never
As leaf is to tree, I'm bound to them with tether
Yet bonds, even strong, may break with the seasons
A vow for forever, then find yourself leaving


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