That time that repeats itself more then I want to admit (AKA Missing You)

 I miss you
It is easy to admit to myself
After all our conversations 
Constantly running in my head

Wanting nothing more then for you to be here
Having you look into my eyes
Even if it is just for a second
It fills me up 
It’s a natrual high

That poison which has no cure
So let me get an extra dose
I mean
At least that means I have seen you more

The forgotten text
That cut off number
Missing you
Call one eight hundred

I could put up wanted signs
Waiting again
I know I should move forward
But at least when everything stands still
I can relive every moment
Take in every breathe
It’s as if you are almost with me
And then I almost forget the loninesss that has crept in

This could be childish
But it makes me wonder
If I am the only one remembering
Am I the only one still with hope

If that is the case please tell me
At least I could hear your voice one more time
After all 
You’re the poison 
And I know a cure
But it doesn’t mean I want to
So give me another cup 
To quench my thirst 
After all 
Longing for you 
Takes a lot more out of me then it should


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