The Mirror


I took a journey,
Through time and space,
Didn’t know what I was looking for,
But amazed by what I found…
I ended up in a familiar place.
Standing in a beautiful garden by a sparking lake,
Dressed in white, soft and beautiful,
I looked at my reflection in the water.
Only it didn’t mirror my movements…
I backed away in terror.
Up she rose from the water,
She didn’t speak a word.
But I heard her,
For she was my inner thoughts,
She gracefully glided past me then paused to look back at me.
I guess I was supposed to follow her.
I moved my legs to mirror her movements and gracefully followed her.
She led me down a smooth dirt path,
We ended up in a lavender field.
She stopped at the end of the path and gestured for me to walk through the field.
I removed my shoes and carefully stepped onto the field.
The smell of fresh lavender filled my lungs and I felt at peace.
My inner thoughts vanished.
Where did she go?
I focused my attention back to the field.
In the middle, stood a mirror that projected magic and power,
Only the mirror didn’t reflect its surroundings.
The glass was filled by hazy gray storm clouds.
The mirror starting playing out memories like my life had become a movie.
Memories I had convinced myself I had lost.
I saw what was truly holding me back,
The love and hurt of relationships that ended;
Forcefully removing something I truly loved and wanted…
[Ariel or Michael]
It seems like I had tricked myself into believing I was fully healed.
I could see many of my happiest moments…
With and without them,
Times I swore I was in love…
I was faced with some of my worst…
Why did I avoid it all?
“Because it’s what you do” I heard my voice say.
Reappearing in all red, my inner thoughts stepped from behind the mirror,
“However, there’s no avoiding here. Time to face facts and fears.”
I was pushed into the hazy gray clouds that turned into an endless sea of darkness…
And Falling…
Constantly Falling…
Until I woke up drench in cold sweat,
Wondering what my heart was trying to tell me.


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