Balloons and lollipops


Looking up into the sky

into the endless blue

seeing all the clouds passing by

the green balloon bright and new

The little girl was shining with glee

this was pur happiness 

she wanted the whole world to see

her joy was endless

A lollipop and a balloon

could make her heart full

and make her smile as big as the crescent moon

as she skipped around with a gleeful soul

Green, shiny, smooth and bright

it could be seen everywhere

neon, giant, squishy and light

flying high in the cool air

The lolloipop was big and rainbow

with a delicious flavor

purple, red, blue, orange, green and yellow

all the way down to the core

Nothing could ruin 

the little girls fantacy

no matter what she ws doing 

Balloons and lollipops were the key


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