High School, Not the End But the Beginning

High School, Not The End But The 13eginning


I remember

The first day of high school

I wandered around searching

For friendship and what was cool


I remember

My biology class

A blonde girl in jeans

And a Cuban girl with sass


I remember

My first production

My first part in a show

And my first set construction


I remember

I was in my first parade

Of waving to people

And I didn’t feel afraid.


I remember

How I sung til it hurt

“Don’t Stop Believing”

And I remember my first concert.


I remember

How we bonded so well

Like we were part of a family

Oh the stories I could tell


I remember

The dances and the dresses

The music and the laughter

Without knowing how much time passes


I remember

My class ring

And the assemblies

And the spirit the rallies would bring


I remember

My first time I took AP

My teacher was amazing

My English skeleton key


I remember

Senior year

And the excitement I had

That turned to tears



And with all that

Now I see

That I thought I stayed the same

But everything changed including me


And as time goes on

I’ll always remember

Lunches and laughter

Pictures and moments

Prom and happily ever after



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