I Miss Them


I miss their cold house
I miss sittinn with them on their couch.
I remember that one time we had to kill a mouse

I miss their smiling faces
even though there were alcohol traces
the talk of their adoption cases

the big giant hugs
the evenly stained rugs
and the spray for the nasty bugs

the personalized birthday cakes
them being there when I wake
those art projects we used to make

their faces when I walked in the door
when we all pitched in to clean the floor
my dad would always snore

the long messages they left on my phone
how I could never ever find a comb
they way we all sang off-tone

I miss when we prayed before diner
we were really all just beginners
all these things I can't help but remeber

prayers in the evening night
the occasional sibling fight
my dad was always right

I love them so much
our story was truly touching
so inspiring and such

even though things got really rough
there is no deny that we were really tough
I didn't get to see them long enough

I'm longing for the day
that I can finally say
we are all here to stay.

when we danced in the family room
and in the spring when the flowers bloomed
to the nights where we sat outside and saw the moon

in the summer when we swam at the pool
in the afternoons when they came home from school
to the days it started to get cool

I miss the crazy hair doos
all the days that had been rued
when everyone was in a good mood

when katie wore her skirts too short
and I watched them play basketball on the bball courts
when elizabeth would laugh and then snort

when we had that huge waterfight in the backyard
when we would throw pillows at each other really hard
the way we always made each other birthday cards

how we all had to squeeze in our car
the way they liked pickles from a jar
that big brownie that kinda looked like tar

the hello kitty cd player
the giant peppper shaker
and the pro food maker

I miss them with all my heart
it was all ment to be from the start
too bad it had to fall apart. 


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