Dear Mother,


There's a rule my mother lives by,

a sort of moral code:

"Never put anyone before your mother."

This is because your mother is always there for you.

Your mothers is the reason you're alive.

Your mother nurtures you,

your mother teaches you right from wrong.

And your mother loves you.


However, I feel as though this moral should go both ways.

"Never put anyone before your kids."

Because you should be there for your kids.

Because you made these kids for a reason.

Because you nurture your kids,

because you've taught them right from wong.

And because you love them.


But you don't do this mom. 

You've abandoned your kids,

physically and mentally.

You've put men before us.

You've left us to nurture ourselves,

and each other.

You've lectured us right from wrong but have done the complete opposite.

And you haven't shown us the love you so passionately claim you have for us.


So why?

Why should we put you before anyone, 

when you've never done the same?

Why should we feel in competition for your love,

your attention,

your compassion,

with a man you only hardly know?


We're good kids.

We've never been in trouble.

We're smart children.

We've never given you a hard time.

We always dealt with your problems.

We never blamed you for your mistakes.

We forgave you, 

and we hoped it would get better.


Maybe it's too late for the rest of them.

They've been neglected too long.

They rather be alone than pushed away.

Rather have no one than an empty someone.


But I will put you first.

I will still make an attempt to talk to you,

Even though you don't listen.

I will still forgive you, 

for your past,

your present, and future mistakes.

I will still be here.


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