Memories can be amazing and sometimes horrible.

They can make you remember something you dont want to nor something that shoud of happened to you and no matter how hard you try to forget what happened, you never will.

Sometimes pushing your thoughts to the back of your head and ignoring it feels like the best thing to do.

Just hiding, running away from the problem is the "best" way to forget about it, untill it comes back up and all your emotions about the situation comes out.

Hatred fills your veins and you realize your back to how you were a couple months ago. 

The thoughts of what happened are on replay in your mind. Memories you wish you could forget, memories you wish never happened. 

Yet you now have to live with them for the rest of your life, learning how to get over it, learning how to forgive when you know nothing can change what happened nor fix the damage it brought you.

Memories that you need to move on from and stop being the victim of. 

Memories are one of the best things our minds hold, no matter how bad or good they are they let us become a stronger person.

Memories can be amazing and sometimes horrible. 


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