The pure innocence of a smile,

Cascades down into the pit of my memory,

Of days where being old didn't betray me,

Days where I was guileless and free.


While a smile is a simple action,

To me,

Smiling means everything.

For, every smile beholds a memory deep down from my soul,

Melding into a piece of those that I will never let go.

Wide, vivacious, and bright,

It is the smiles of my sibling's.


Everytime I steal a glance of a smile that does not belong to me,

The world seems to dissolve,

Into that unique memory,

And my eyes,

That are tired of the world,

Instead sees one boy and one girl.


In a flash,

There are tears streaming down my cheeks.

Slick yet so sweet,

Contrast to those that sit before me,

Whose smiles were so vibrant,

So calming.

It was a smile soft like velvet,

Miraculous like magic.


It is unknown to me why they were smiling

And I was crying.


How could something so bitter sweet,

Emit a happiness throughout me?

Was it the remembrance of my naivety?

Or is it the remembrance of the company of my sibling's?

Those siblings that once ran across the fields,

Away from the sun,

And away from me.

-Was that the reason why I was crying?


We are older now,

Walking down different paths,


Their smile stays with me.

A smile born from that very day,

When we used to bask in the gentle rays,

When we weren't condemned with responsibilities of an adult,

And everything wasn't our fault.


Their smile,

So innocent and bright,

Inspires me to soar on,

Day after day,

Night after night.

For a smile is a reminder of what happiness truly is.

A smile that came from two little kids.

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