A Red, Roman Numeral Clock

Upon a time it first was born
From a wedding reception box with wrapping torn
Letting light fall upon the newlyweds' gift
Soon began to move the infant child's fists A red, roman numeral clock
The hands traveling 'round ticking with each tock
Upon the faded white wall did it rest
Withstanding many a year, time's brutal test When age I reached from unconcious haze
I began to internalize with each gaze
This mechanized sundial that watched me grow
Taking note at my every bliss and woe Through it all upon the wall it hung
Hearing every song that was sung
Silently seeing me even through high school
And observing every favor done and broken rule But something changed this last year
The time perhaps it always feared
When things would change so drastically
That it would be robbed from the wall most tragically Because things changed with each passing sun
But this last year especially with one
Who realized childhood came to a close
And blossoming bloomed adulthood's rose Decisions, divisive decisions accrued
Why am I not being told what to do?
The freedom I fought for is finally mine
And it all came with ever evading time What is this year that came?
It seems that nothing is the same
Car keys ever rest in my hand
I do what I want on my own demand Also in that shaking hand lies maturity
While in my mind lies unsurety,
Unsurety at the vast world lying before me
Yes it lies next to the sights I've yet to see And that old ticking thing in the garage has sat
Collapsed and still with each passing rat
It collects the dust from the musty air
Sitting in darkness among wear and tear For my memory is a dark place to behold
Scary to enter if anyone should be so bold
Because there rots the dreams of old
With a red roman numeral clock in darkness cold   


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My family
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