Homesick #3


when I'm trying to do lots of homework

and i'm completely overwhelmed

i hear your voice in my head

telling me to make a list. 


when i call you on the phone

i tell you i'm okay, but

i really just want to crawl into your big bed and cry in your arms. 


i miss your voice so much

but i don't have time to call and ask how things are going. 


i wish so hard that I was with you. 

i bring myself to tears

wishing i could just talk to you for hours

or watch our favorite shows

or laugh while we go shopping at all of our favorite thrift stores. 


i wish I could have paused time

and stayed home forever. 


i wish i could always just be

your favorite daughter. 

Your only daughter. 

Your daughter. 


i miss you with my entire being. 


This poem is about: 
My family
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