you were mine

Through the fast racing light

When light and time intertwined

And the line of space and time made jungle vines

Out of stardust

With planets that hold such complexity in its existence

Larger and quite vaster than worlds with quiet lines

I remember you.

I remember you

You didn’t do such a good job trying to erase my mind

Not that i’m complaining

It was an idiotic try to find a reason to forget you

But how, can i forget you?

The stars that we saw

Imprinted in your eyes

The drifts of light colors that tinted the space sky

Found a way to seep into your life

And i watched you as you ate planets up

With every breath you let the cosmos soak into your skin

And the storm that we created within

Destroyed the galaxies and the universes that did not control us

We brought destruction onto our star-crossed love

It was destiny for us to fade like a meteorite

But i did not comply to the stars in the sky

Because you were mine

You, were mine

And through the fast racing light

When light and time intertwined

I will always remember you.



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