When the Words Pour Out (My Mother Said)

In early morning, late at night, 

In the car

On the road

Reading papers, lighting matches

It hits like cold air to the back of 

My teeth, it encircles my lungs

Like it’s trying to keep 

These thoughts

Of a future that I never planned 

I was always grossed out as a kid 

Holding hands in Church was

The most anxious part, 'cause you know 

Growing up I was taught just to

“Go with the flow,”


I knew that

People do Church to get saved

Saw them sing hallelujah at Christmas 

And graves 

Listen here, now, she said

You can sleep ‘till you’re dead but

Only dumbshits fall in love; 

(The stupid kind)

I taught you the right kind of love and you’ll 

Take only thoughts and emotions, you’ll

Squeeze life from every damn pore 

Chaste kisses perhaps


Age gaps

Is what I was taught. I was also told that

No one calls me baby unless they want to 

Get punched. 

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