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United States
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A Light To Share:

(A poem by me)

I pray thee farewell, under the swiftly fleeting stars, from whence parting can be such a marvelous and a bitter misery. Moonlight that bathes all in the hollow emotions of loneliness so familiar to the human soul.

May thy dreams be peaceful, full of laughter and light-hearted frolic, thy existence filled with kindness and the warmth born of genuine friendships.

May thy thoughts always be occupied with sweet-scented memories, of happy days in summer bliss, amidst fields of white and red roses and joyful golden sunlight beams, lost in the gentle forgetfulness of a moment of companionship, forever content to roam and bask in your company.

My light, my angel, dearest. My guiding star to be. Shine down upon me now, my path you show to me. The darkest shadow, the worst feared foe, they seem to lose their place. At the thought of your sweet, innocent touch, your gentle radiant presence, your everlasting grace.

The hope that conquerors all my fears, that banishes despairs. You are that hope, that light so kind, the strength that I must share.

Leave me not in silence.

Leave me not at all.

But if thou leavest, cleave to thine vows, as I shall cling to mine. Forever bound into my thoughts as I should be to thine.

And may God bless you with my love for eternity.​


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