For Nathan!

Sunflower of my withering heart,
Oh how you bring me warmth,
Like mountains your foundations
form around my worries,
your voice soothes all woes.
Smile and I'll smile,
I know that you've implanted your roots into my
petty pot of doubts.
Pouring like a mouth of a river
into channels that nourish all-
(sometimes) the drought comes and goes.
The afflatus kindles many wicks,
There isn't a more pressing time than this!
Love knows no boundaries,
united, we pollinate fields of the faint hearted.
When your leaves fall awry and your color pallor -
I'll be the one who paints skies of your valor.
Wither not, darling sunflower.
Winter invites Spring to our greatest hour.
All we have is NOW.  


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