Like the Leaves Fade

As I look at my life right now, I see ridges and bumps, I see valleys and hills and rivers that I haven't crossed.

I see memories that are both happy and sad. I see friends that have long gone and friends that are yet to come.

I see lost love, I see new love.

I can see how my life is broken up in to so many different shades, hues of red and blue. Shadows filled with darkness, and spaces filled with light.

I hear laughter, I feel pain. I see all my trials and tribulations. I see all the masks I've made myself wear, all the disguises I've shrouded myself in.

I see the pathway of lies that I painted over the years. I see the new bricks laid out upon that beaten pathway over the years.

I see fragments and I see entire pieces of my life. Some look out of place, others fit in perfectly.

Through the many windows that surround me I can see the crowds of people passing by, some stop to glance inside, but no one lingers for too long.

Through the many cracks I see the looming darkness that enshrouds the people passing by.

I see the affected. And I see the ignorant.

I stand up, and I fall. I crawl, and then I stop.

I smile towards the world -- painted with lies and tears -- faded memories and fears.

And as I smile, I watch.

I watch the people fade away.

I feel the emotions ebb to nothing.

I hear the thoughts silence themselves.

I find the mind forgets to think.

And as everything fades to black --

-- I remember how everything used to be.


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