Darling you ran towards the bullets
Towards screaming babies who didn't know any better.
Darling you bolted towards the masked man
The mad man with bullets and homicidal rage
Towards those sounds you ran.

What must you have felt,
Those very last moments?
As you charged like a lioness
To defend the weak.
You were Ariel then
A lion of God.
And oh, you loved them,
The babies, now they dream.
So go softly darling, go softly
Teach your babies to worship and praise.
Teach them yes sir and no sir
To the Man Upstairs.
And teach them to wait.
We'll see them soon.
And oh, you too, brave Ariel
You numberless, nameless heroes
You brave darlings who ran towards the gunfire
To shield those children from harm.

No one, not a one
Blames you for what happened.

Because who else loved enough
Was brave enough
To be Ariel at Sandy Hook Elementary?


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