Forever Iluminating

A rose that fell off from the heavens above,

It came towards me like a dove,

Waiting to seek the truth behind those eyes,

Would it be possible to say yes and perhaps have a chance?


Forever it seemed, that time would not let it be,

But as the night reached its end,

He extended his hand towards mine,

And held it close to his beating heart.


Forever will you be mine and look at the stars,

My love will never end and if it shall cease,

Then the stars will no longer shine,

For when our love has vanished,

Stars will no longer be.


On the cold winter night of December,

We laughed and kissed as the future lay ahead,

Without notice, waiting to take thee.


And our love no longer was,

For destiny had planned our separate paths,


And yet a flame still remains within,

That lights the fire inside of me,

Whenever your name is whispered through the cold night of winter’s grasp.


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