A Heartbreaking Goodbye

Clouds letting loose with cool rain

A rhythm of a favorite song vibrating in saddened eardrums

Here I sit and ponder

If we could have made it work

Words unsaid sting my throat

Along with unshed tears behind flickering lids

I wish I was willing to wait, willing to speak

However, I am tired of being tossed like

A piece of debris that doesn’t matter


We had a friendship for a year and a half

Some memorable laughs and meaningful conversations

I’ll never forget those nights spent in worry

Terrified of not hearing from you

Those rough times were some of the worst

I lost count on how much sleep I lost

You were an irreplaceable friend and,

Losing you would have killed me

Like how it’s doing right now


This isn’t what I wanted

Don’t think that for a minute

It was a last resort to save myself from hurt

I hope you understand

Deleting you from my life is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done

Funny how removing a contact from a phone is simple

But removing a person from a heart is like a death

Death of an era, the falling petals of a rose

Revealing only thorns and soiled dirt


I would trade the world to bring back the good times

When we talked and tried to everyday

All I see now is goodbye and tears

I know you’re better off, shining in light

That’s all I wish for you, a life full of those smiles

I’m happy that you’re in a better place

And have people who care

I’ll fade from your mind without a doubt

A clean slate and all, I’ll try to understand


I’ll start with the goodbye

Pieces of my heart are crumbling

A friendship is lost, a person I once relied on

Now a distant memory, lathered in fog

I’ll be okay though, I always am

Just as you did, I will forget and move on

Time will heal my wounds, hopefully it will be soon

Although it won’t be soon enough

You were more to me than you’ll ever know


The clouds and rain will face and the sun will shine

That song we both once loved will become just lyrics

Those words unsaid will be just letters jumbled in my head

The tears will remain unshed, I will stay strong

A being once willing to wait, willing to speak

Is now standing upright and alone

You don’t have to worry about me, though

I have made up my mind

I’m no longer just a pile of forgotten debris


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