Pap Who




Pap Who


Pap who needs Pepsi like a meth addict

And sits on his couch all day

Who is fried bologna and potato chips

Who is a quiet mouse but yet a wise owl.

Whose hair has gone missing

Who has only one real leg

Who tells me I can be anything

And inspires me to reach for the moon

Whose nose looks like a parrot beak

And is scrawny as a beanpole.

Who loves fishing at the dam

Can never sleep- too much caffeine to wind down

Who used to come visit me a lot

Is old and fearful of the outside world

Is attached to his home like a tick on a dog.

Is funny yet serious

Doesn’t golf much anymore

Is never seen without a baseball cap

Who builds birdhouses fit for an elephant

Who has basically adopted the neighbor boy

Who wears jeans and a button up everyday

Who would do anything to help you

Who love the sounds of spring and the sunsets of fall

Will sit on his front porch every morning feeding stray dogs and cats

Who will listen without judgment

Wondering what will come next

And what to do who?


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