Do You Remember

Do you remember closing your eyes and thinking of the days you were dead?

Not dead, but dying?

You died once,

Long ago it was.

It was like a dream, you hardly remember it

But you feel it.

The days you forgot yourself,

You didn’t exist then.

Pain made you numb,

You watched everything,

But saw nothing.

Time was but a word,

Nothing was everything.

You didn’t hate,

Love didn’t exist.

Your heart was gone,

Sadness contained you.


They said.

Medication is your savior,

You won’t ever smile.


Do you remember waking up?

Death was beat?

Do you remember that sigh,

The cry your soul made when color broke open.

Heartache awoken,

It felt beautiful to feel again.

Do you remember crying,

Knowing you were alive.

Seeing what you didn’t

Know was truth.

Your pain was not for nothing.


Are you with me now?

Are you here?

Do you love as you did,

Do you hope like you want?

Is your heart living?

Is your soul alive?

Wake up my dear friend,

Wake up




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