Her hands were balled tight.

I saw the tendons stretch around her white knuckles.

She saw me looking, which exaggerated her anger.

How could I be observing

At a time like this?


Two days passed

Her hands still fists in my mind.

Always worried, she was,

That somehow I would find a better her.

But she was my Adonis.


Together we walked down the street.

Our feet stepped in unison

On the cold, sparkling pavement.

Her arm threaded through mine and we went in silence,

Save for the clapping of our soles.


Our minds were intertwined like

Deep sea beasts sucking at each other,

Tentacles grasping

As if the other was too far away.

After that, I didn't see her again.

Stories found their way to my ears

Of where she was and with whom

But I never knew how true they were.

I went my own way, drifting

In and out of a profound sadness.


Yesterday, she died.

Her body was flung through 

The windshield of a Porsche Carrera.

The crash was monumental, 

Staged on a big freeway.

I don't know what it looked like.


Eternity has her now.

Her soft face is cupped in Death's

Rough, unjust hands.


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