If Only


United States
35° 48' 6.8904" N, 78° 41' 15.1296" W

Like the rose who's petals have fallen to earth
Like a single snowflake melting alone
Like a whispering breeze with a lonely fall-leaf
Like an empty laugh lacking of mirth

If the sun were to set and never return
If never the winter thawed into spring
If the stars were to dim with nary a word
If the fire died, no longer to burn

Those feelings, alas, are not strange to my heart
They seem to follow like a cloud in the sky
The memories gone past are painfully stained
An unwelcome guest to never depart

My heart grows cold; my tears run dry
It seems the fight has gone from this life
No future; only past: the present is dead
"How are you?" they ask; of course, I lie

My thoughts harken back to long summer days
Memories dulled by time's golden haze
I loved you then and I'll love you always
So much I have lost; if only I'd stayed


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