Reminiscing the Past

As I am looking into the distance,

With the abundance of time,

I can't help but think of the impact 

My memories have had on my mind.


As am I watching, I wish that

some of those moments,

some of those experiences,

were different.

It is hard not to wonder 

What could've been

What shouldn't have happened

What I should've done instead


Yet, here I am, sitting with an abundance of time,

Knowing that I'll always view in hindsight

What I should've done differently

But those ideas will never change the facts

Of all of my mistakes

Because its history will never go away

Never change my situation


So, as I am relaxing, with all of the time in the world,

with nothing to look forward to,

I am unable to live with regret,

Unable to live with the memories 

That haunt me constantly.


I choose to live a life of optimism.

I choose to live a life of hope. 

I choose to live a life of peace.




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