All persons must go their own ways, All people must do their own thing.

For we can not predict or hope, To follow the path of the winds.

They will twist and turn you inside out, Like the tides of the Tempest's sea.

To the depths of my soul in my darkness, The reflections are reflecting me.

I envy the seagulls that fly so high, Swooping down from a sky so free,

I envision them as angels, That have come to rescue me.

I envy the fish that squirm by so fast, Circling my pole Circling my past.

Like yesterdays hopes and dreams that are gone, and tomorrow's promise an unfinished song.

I know that I am not alone now, For each ones path is like the sea.

Twisted and turned inside-out, For all of you to see.

And so my friends you take your flight, And I will test my wings.

And maybe someday all the winds will echo the songs we sing.

Of chamber music in the clouds, or harmonizing birds in trees.

The quiet guitar by the fires light, and the seagulls flying free.

I will wade upon the shores again and through the rustling tides,

Just to find that the reflections there, were those of yours and mine.


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