Spoken Thought






The World fades.

I implode.

A sensory overload, only within the mind

The place where privacy is unconditional

No cost; not a dime

My sweet escape

My sanctuary

Where music meets moving pictures that are all original

I can compose, I can direct, I can change what I want

With just.



I turn the channel in my mind

My own picture show

Front row, forget the box seats

I choose to be near the stage

And I choose to watch

My actors; characters with emotion

Friends in my mind

I don’t use an outline

It plays on and on

Pausing only for what droll logic my mind has to think

There’s barely room for rational thought

Why should there be when I can replace realism with surrealism?

I’d get lost in a Miró any day of the year

So lost there’d be no finding me

So lost it’d seem reality

Was what my mind was actually

Sinking in

Taking in

No one could find me

But could they relate?

I feel distant

So gone

Time stops

So I doubt they could unless they were a space cadet

Ready to travel to my outer-experience-space

It’s dangerous to go alone

They’d need to come in groups

Because in my mind they’d see where the real wild things are

And be stunned by my inspiration

A blank canvas

Symbolic of potential and capacity

A smell

I just escaped to a world of delicacies

A sound

A sound…

Your voice.





You were talking

I was listening

And you just inspired me.


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