Childhood Is Innocence

Childhood is innocence.

The time when there is no choice

But to accept any situation that faces you.

We could either run or face it head on

But never hide.

Childhood is innocence.

The time we love to play

And not take life too seriously.

Loving those around us unconditionally,

We had no choice.

We were little but understood.

We understood how things happened

But we still asked, why?

Childhood is innocence.

The time we wished we could act like grown ups.

Yet so young, filled with joy and imagination.

Creating a world we wish that we could live in.

Childhood was an escape from reality.

It was a dream, an innocent dream

That took us to a better place.

But as time goes on,

What happens to that innocence?

Does it remain hidden or does it vanish?

In reality, innocence is lost,

but never forgotten.


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