Theres been this change in the air;
But you see that is a contradiction,
however I say that life is a contradiction in and of itself.
They say to help others,
but we won't even lend a hand to our neighbor.
We flaunt freedom
while were kept figuratively chained.
Some say love
when all they do is hate.
So theres the contradiction  in life,
between what we should do and what we actually do.
We should all build each other up
but we mearly tear each other down.
We should get over the pettiness
yet we seem to let it grow colossally.
Theres this change,
I heard it today in your voice
I saw it a fortnight ago in you eyes
I felt it a month ago in your emotions.
Long before this pettiness of sides and teams
(Of right and wrong)
We played by the rules then;
But now, oh how you have trampled upon them.
Like a herd of buffalo,
big and strong,
but also nearly extinct.
These changes are slowly but surely making you,
the buffalos,
non existant.
Surely you think your sharks that can be unharmed
but we all see you disappearing into the shallows of a person characterized by one unlike yourself.
You picked that-yes
But inquiry applicable-no.
You've changed, I've changed
But when, but how...


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