Hello Sweetie

Okay, it's me again

This is how I feel right now,

-I can't see you

-I can't find that pencil you lent me

-I can't feel your hands on my hips

-I can't hear your voice

-I can't remember the way your lips taste

So basically I'm in a state of nowhere


I miss you

Do you miss me?

floating around like a mote in the sky

You're so gone and I can't see your face

The picture you sent is all smudged and clouded

it looks like a memory I had of a Birthday ten years ago

I wish you had been there

there was cake and I won pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey


I loved you for a moment

Did you notice?

I was watching you and you smiled and reached up

to touch my face

That was the moment when I gave my heart to you

That was the moment when I lost my mind too

Doesn't it suck that those are pretty much the same?


I remember the time you told me you loved me.

You called me Gypsy and tickled me till I squeaked

Did you mean that?

It sparked a fear in my stomach

Did you mean that?

I don't mind if it's not because we are too young to decide such things

I hope to god that you meant it


I remember the time you kissed my lips.

You asked me to remember you and took the virginity from my mouth

I let you peck and peck until my mind was fuzzy


I got lost in the subway

right after that

I missed you so much

right after that

I love you for real

right after that


You're always in my head, Baby

and I don't know if I can shake you loose

I don't know if I want to



This poem is about: 


Paul Gray

I really enjoyed reading this. It was like watching a movie in my mind.

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