My Grandmother's House

A walk down the open dirt road

An adventure that’s never been told

The sun is already at its peak  

Gracing the surface of my cheeks,

Rays seeping deeply into my pores, receiving the vitamin D

My body desperately needs

As I think to myself, I haven’t seen my grandmother in weeks

Cars swiftly passing at an arm’s length away

Leaving its dusty trail to lead the walkers astray            

These are the visions that visit in the day                     

When the green leaves of the trees kiss the blue of the sky

The marriage between the two

Ignites the images of my naked eye

I am who, I am and that’s fine

At last I arrive

Coming across a bunch of bees buzzing around a hive

That hung so high

To reach and get a taste of honey, I would be out of my mind

In the midst a voice sings a familiar song

That embraces my soul, to the point where I feel at home


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