My dream... My Job to Be.


In my mind,
A little girl plays "Make Believe",
Whether she was alone or not,
She continues on with her little game,
She sings,
She dances,
She reads,
She twirls,
She smiles toward me,
The little girl continues to dream,
Not caring about her surroundings,
This video continues to play within these walls I walk between,
Not a care in the world,
She continues to swirl,
She models,
She medicates random things,
But not even noticing that the world is rotting underneath her tiny feet,
The girl grows older,
And step by step along these walls,
I am getting colder,
The heart of the girl has grown opaque,
The smile of the girl has been erased,
With lies,
With cheats,
With greed for money,
She dreams of being opulent,
Only thinking of what she needs,
But the girl continues to grow,
The girl wanders aimlessly,
"What is truly a job... That can change me?"
The girl cries as she walks along a path she is uncertain of,
She trip,
She falls,
She bruises along the way,
Moving next to a river,
That has been smothered with manure and waste,
But then...
She opens her eyes even wider,
And there she lies crying on the floor,
"What shall I do to fulfill..."
She turns her head,
And gazes around her,
All she sees,
All she hears,
Tears from everything,
She rises up,
She raises her hands,
" I want to create a future worth living"
I wake up from the valley of dreams,
A smile creeping down my face,
Yet tears of mixed emotions,
Stream down my face,
This little girl is me,
And will always be,
I continue along the path towards the future.

Continuing my duty,

Slowly aiming for my job to be.


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