Those whom we have forgotten


United States
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They walk among us unknown,
Despite the courage they have shown,
And we let this pass.

They fought tooth and nail,
To protect the flag we hail
And we let this pass.

Why do we sit in the dark ignoring those who brought us light?
When we are only sitting here because of those who fight.
These warriors, exempt from peace, have resigned to their fate,
And now sit as the sands of time remove their honored state.

We let this pass out of our mind,
Because it is peace we are trying to find,
But what we forget, and fail to see,
Is that it is from these people that peace can be.

How can we stand on the shoulders of giants,
Yet we know not their names.
And how can we send men to fight and die,
Yet not bless them with fame.

‘Tis not in our power now to stop what has now passed,
but still upon us is the charge we were born with,
Bless the brave men and women,
Whom have stepped up to take charge,
And cherish the unknown soldiers,
Who were never blessed with a discharge.

Of all women and men,
None work harder,
Yet to all blessings we hear we say amen,
And in our hearts we feel ardor.

Let us no longer allow this lack of retention to pass,
And let our praise come easy and en mass,
For tis the time to remember those who have served,
And let flow all the compliments reserved.
For these brave soldiers, we sing new songs of praise,
And let the memory of the forgotten soldier live on for days.

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I think we sometimes take the work of the military for granted. Even though it is hard to hear news about war and people killing each other, if it brings peace to the world it will all be worth it.


This is an amazing poem for anyone affiliated with the Military!


This is an amazing poem for anyone affiliated with the Military!

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