Tomorrow Will Be Love


I remember days of joy and laughter
Much laughter
And I remember days of awe and wonder
  Such wonder
But I never forget the days of true love
Days of our joy and laughter
Our awe and wonder
When we share the most amazing parts of ourselves
And know that what we have is 
Since its beginning,  this love has shone brightly 
And it has flickered like a flame holding the wick tightly 
And today I see a nearly flawless love that shines brighter
  Than a cloudless summer day
Dark midnights of the past are but small shadows along the way
So to you, my dear,  I say forever we will love
And to you, my dear,  I say forever we will move forward 
Knowing that whatever today may be
Tomorrow will be love


-For Phillip, my husband and best friend


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