I find myself remembering

Sometimes I find myself remembering; I try to keep myself from living in the past, but even though time has pass, my feet still fit the prints I left along the trails of yesterday, I cannot help but to become nostalgic. I remember how your voice sounded at 3 am and how I thought it was so cute that you could barely mouth a sentence but you found it in you to speak. I remember when you first told me you loved me, you didn't say it exactly, but I dug through to truth you so heavily sugar coated with water down sweet nothings. I remember how you were passionate about everything and if you said the sky was purple and the earth was square, there was nothing that could change your mind. I remember how I gladly lived with you in your topsy turvy, upside down world...and nothing existed outside of what we were and what we had and I wanted nothing more. But isn't that how it goes? Good guys finish last, whoever falls in love first loses...I bare the burden of every memory we ever created, the good and the bad. Will you remember me and all the little things? Or am I already forgotten? Not that it would matter, we've both gone on about our lives respectively, but sometimes when I'm alone, your name flashes in my mind and we play back on constant rewind and I wonder if this ever happens to you....

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