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Memories cross my mind as they try to escape,
I try to control which ones stay or go
this method never seems to work
but I keep trying anyways.
try to file my memories
Into discrete sections
ones to keep, ones not to
like when water separates from the dirt
the sediment falls to the bottom
slowly making its way deeper Into
earth, You can’t see it but It’s still there
you want to only remember the
that are good, but they always seem to slip away
the memories are always there even though
I want to forget

try to counter this by choosing which ones get buried, To try to
dull down or sugar coat
The ones
that seem To linger,
like a sundial that has became obsolete
my memories too I want to make obsolete
so they don’t come back when something
reminds me of another thing
then branches off to another memory
I want
to keep the good, forget the others
but somehow it always happens
those good ones, the ones I want
To keep
cross my mind as they try to escape
when I try to control which ones stay or go
the method never works.

I remember the ones I want to forget,
I forget the ones I want to keep.


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