In my deep contemplation of the night the desire for life was stolen, I drown. In the darkness your shadow follows me.It haunts my soul and rapes me from joy.Time passes and thoughts elapse and your image fades from the frontal lobe of my brain travels through my conscious and hides deep between the hemispheres of my thoughts and tucks itself away.Waiting and draining the life of me.Waiting to surge up to the surface where I bare naked.Where my flaws are displayed and I'm vulnerable.Where it digs deep into my pores and infects me, rotting me.Like a vine it tangles me and suffocates me.Grasping my throat with one hand making it impossible to breath. Insanity is my grave, Despair is my cape, and blindness is my light.Led by the one less followed into the valley of ashes.  Where my soul has disintegrated into nothingness.And as the flame of aspiration burns out slowly, I spit out the memories of you.Where all and all I know deep in the cages and ridges of my mind, you have been forgotten.Where I am the charcoal to light the lamp that will light my way. The wind  like a thief silently and quickly took my existence but never took my hope. That burns deep like incense. A fragrance so irresistible and infectious.Like the caged bird you shall sing but never be heard. Let your days be thoughtful and careful.Every action has a consequence and you my friend have a million pending.


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