Sun, 12/29/2013 - 01:58 -- maiasia

I have weighed myself down in the river

I have buried my bones below

The surface of the soil.

Gather your shovels, your hoes,

Your horses and ploughs.

Turn up the earth, the clods of dirt.

Turn up the dirt and finds my bones.

Find my cigarette butts hidden below the grass.

Find the bits of ash.

Turn up the dirt and find my bones

Deep within the earth.

Then dust them, dust them and bring them home

Lay me on my bed and then out. Out once more.

Turn up the soil. Find my skin, bits of moss.

Turn up the soil. A lost tooth, lock of hair.

Find my blood. For I have bled on this ground.

The very earth is soaked, drowned.

Sift through the dirt, the mud, find me my blood,

My skin, my fingernails, broken and crusted,

Then in, in once more. Lay them on my bed beside me,

Light a fire downstairs.

Cover my skeleton, my remains,

And let me rest once more.


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