Reconciled Memories


United States

Memories light, fleeting at best. Some linger, some stay with unrest.

A sonnet of love can be repeated a billion times, yet the most sinciere of memories... Leaves our mind. Who, what, when, where, why...

Questions stir the moments ahead. "Do I know you? What's your name?"

The threads of time haven't been fair to me. The things I've appreciated are becoming distateful.

Bittersweet none of the less, yearning for more. It turns out you knew me in childhood, years before my storms of despair.

I chucked, almost in madness... My memories of that forgotten without a care.

Why does memory treat me as so? If I dug deep enough, I'll probably know.

But inside my mind lies an enigma within... I don't want to experience things again.

You understood however... Your laugh sweet as it can be.

That voice, it can't be.

No. It's you... My old love that filled me with glee!

Fate for once, is kind to me. No strings or jokes intact.

Perhaps you'll be the one... To unlock what I need to backtrack.

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