I lost my grandpa, 

one of my precious people, 

the one who praised me, 

raised me, 

and also taught me many lessons of life.


It's been two months without him, 

living in agony without 

knowing what to do: 

without him, 

life is misearable. 


His kiss on the cheek, 

his warm hugs, 

will never again be given to me, 

my father, his sisters, 

not even my cousins 

who know he'll never come back to us. 


But we have to continue our lives, 

even without him, 

that's what he would want; 

he would want for us to live,

remember the past,

live for the present, 

and live for the future. 


And one day 

we'll feel his hugs and kisses once again, 

the ones that we have  

been longing for so long. 


Rest in peace Grandpa:

know that we love you,

remember you,

and miss you.  


We'll see each other again soon. 

I love you, Grandpa.











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