Even the Mighty Will Fall


United States
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Do you not see your hurting her from the inside out

That soon tears that wish to rain become a sullen drought

Misery from the mornings start

Till night when the sun departs

No wounds visible for the eye to see

Just a child’s soul screaming to be free

To be free from her hell on earth

A new life dreamt to rebirth

Do you not see that mask she holds upon her face

A walking lie she begs to erase

From the moment she wakes

Knowing she will only make mistakes

Feeling suffocated yet alone

Wishing this life she could only postpone

This facade she can’t help but portray

A stereotypical teenager everyday

Behind that mask is a girl in pain

These chains that seem to remain

Holding her back from her life she wants

But a ghastly past that remands to haunt

The sound of a beautiful laugh her way

Though a silent cry she wishes to not display

Eyes that brighten the darkest rooms

Yet this misery still consumes

Beauty that rivaled Venus herself

If only she knew her worth itself

Loved by all but her

To vanish from this life she’d gladly prefer

One night she broke down and cried

Feeling many different emotions collide

The Weight of her life crashing down into pieces

To which her depression increases

With a knife in her hand

Though this wasn’t the original plan

That Night a life was then lost

And what would be that cost

A family soon destroyed

From a pain that they could only avoid

A School soon torn in two

Blame and guilt that no one could undo

A beautiful soul gone before her time

And yet who would be punished for this grim crime

Could she have been saved

For someone to set her free like she craved

A harsh cruel world braved alone

Even surrounded it was unbeknown

A feeling like this could happen to any being

It just takes a little foreseeing

To save a life that was destined to live

Before it’s something we wish to forgive

When we’re forced to bury another young soul

Seeming to lose all control

Unchain your eyes to see the truth

What is happening more to the youth

A life gone here and there

Yet people still turn their eyes from the despair

Even the popular hide many dark lies

In any form of shape or disguise

Depression breaks our hearts to a weak state

Until death we unknowingly await

What can be done

From what has already been begun

A Life to save

Before we further their life to a grave

Even the mighty will fall

To an end that we wished to never recall


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