The Spontaneous Kiss

Sat, 09/21/2013 - 19:08 -- arelle

I used to think love at first sight

was just a myth but

then I saw you and I changed my mind

I've loved you since the moment

we met

I still can't forget the first time you smiled at me

It used to be one of my favorite memories

of the semester spent from 11 to 12:15 every Tuesday and Thursday

from January through May.

Going to class was the highlight of my day!

I saw you this September and with a big grin I called out "Hey!"

and you turned with a perplexed expression and asked the question "Do I know you?"

The look on your face made me want to cry. It was obvious you didn't remember me!

So I cowardly bowed my head and said "I'm sorry! and continued to walk down the sidewalk.

As I turned a corner I looked back and I caught a quick flash of something new.

A beautiful blonde with a perfect tan was now

walking hand-in-hand with you

and you had that same grin on your face

that mesmerized me last semester and made my palms sweat and heart race,

but then you tripped over your untied shoelace... 

 Both of you went down hard on the cement and your princess became enraged

and began shouting "Hey! Get your stupid camera phones outta our face!" at

all the gawkers taking pictures to instantly upload online

You looked so embarrassed I felt bad for a second but then you grinned and

began to unwind 

you put your middle finger up into the wind and pulled your girlfriend into a kiss

and I had witnessed enough of this! So I turned away, hoping I'll find

someone like you someday. I want to experience the bliss of a spontaneous kiss!


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