Perfect Guy

See i seen this guy,

he was perfect,

he was a dime,

i would sit behind him and when we would talk id look into his eyes,

big brown and opening at times,

i felt happy and always had a smile,

he was funny and it sucked when he was never on time,

i swear he was perfect,

he was a dime,

time passed by,

and i tell you i was kinda shy,

any girl would feel the same if they met that guy,

as we talked about a time where he would stop by,

take a hit or two then say goodbye,

he stuck arund more,

and oh made me feel so warm,

the hugs were perfect just adding more,

he was amazing even mi amor,

as i'm using past tense,

hes still around and makes even more sense,

he is perfect in any way,

i can't even explain,

him being here all in my brain,

theres another way to let him know he isn't making me insane,

its by showing him he causes no pain,

i love this guy,

he reminds me of many times,

and yes his name remains inside,

inside my heart and in my eyes,

im sure he knows this is for him,

my baby is everything he is within,

i find a spot for him to sit and stay,

and even lay,

keep him happy and okay,

baby you are so perfect for me,

i hope we last longer then infinity,

i wrote this for you it didn't take long,

its nothing but the truth and the love i've had all along,

i hope you like it becuase it came from my heart,

and the times we've shared from the very start.

`Jayy Love​


This poem is about: 
My family


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