Bedtime Story

Read me a storygrasp me in tightrecall your bedtime luxuriesthat befall be a Goodnight.I'm still waiting. . .Tell me a bedtime story. Once upon a time after every appetizing dinewas rather really absurdthough a worthy comfort.Fairies, monsters, laugh and disastersceasing tales at happily everafter.Horror, comic, some science fiction,still bliss was defended in every section.Quality moment with motherpretending to make a toast together.Widely optimistic father, Oh father!!!his opinions, my denial, my screams and laughter. Can someone hear my voice?Older days, neoteric rejoice.Apprise me again of delight and brightjust call upon that sterling Goodnight.I'm still waiting. . .Tell me a bedtime story.

This poem is about: 
My family
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