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I am a troublemaker; You've always known that. If I told you different, I'd be a faker. So just know know that I won't be your doormat.
Keep Your Faith, That This Is Something Great, Despite What You See, Know That Meditation Is The Key, All You Got To Do Is, Believe Letgo And Feel Free, This Is Something Everyone Wants To Be,
Your Perfect, Never Let Anyone Say Your Not Worth It, Do Your Best, Forget About The Rest, Keep Your Head Up, And Never Give Up, Regardless Of The Battles, You Might Have To Go Though,
   Made fun of? Laughed at, stared, and most of all  is the fact of knowing your being judged.     Be stronger,  forget that sad you,  STAY AWAY!!!! from that corner.    Thinking to yourself , 
I never knew how everything was going, Of that or an unknowing, Now that sea Was never meant for me. It was never occuring Much rather blurring Can I always feel doubt Or is it about You?
The stage Where smoothly stuttering movements Are their own brand of finesse, Is the stage upon which I wish to waltz  For the rest of my Audaciously authentic, Dazzling days.
The body that u live in doesn't define your mind The amount of fat and no fat on you doesn't define who u are Your thoughts your actions and your words describe your personality You owe an heart of gold
my silence isa knot in my throattied so tightlyaround every chordthat I can barely breathe my silence isa tongue so twistedthat each wordcomes out sloppilyslurred and incoherent
For the girl who doesn't have everything...   You don't need to buy fancy clothes. You don't need to be popular. You don't need to have a lot of friends. You don't need to fit in.
It was a wild night, even you agree;Under this Blue Moon, we dress in fashion;Whether we are rich or poor, gold or green;This night is just a human creation; Illuminate our so-called status now;Tonight, Leo's at Mars, so come with us;Let's party,
First off, lemme just say this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do And least of all people, who would’ve thought it had to be to you. You are the true definition of a ride or die
Hiding from other children Once a precious treasure Glistening dumplings Seafood soups Marinated meats   Tempt breaks my heart, As we are forced to part. I abandon myself.  
There once was girl  Oh, so bright Who used to smile each day She’d smile in laughter Smile in joy And even smile when grey   For smiling was her safety blanket  A cover for the pain
Everyday, I wake up Wishing this day will be good Tellig myself You gonna get through it But am I able? Cuz when I see how people are I just want to vomit Not all of them, of course
I may not be an angel Not trying to be the best I'm ripped at every angle I've failed all life's tests Weak in the morning Broken till the night There's fear alarming
We are frantic, unguarded, constantly anxious, forever-troubled, either too-loving or too-lusting, always showing-off, moment-capturing, obsessed romantically, very fragile, in agony from broken hearts, image-driven,
He sits so close, but the silence turns the inches into miles and   every slight noise causes an avalanche in my chest   as I wait for him to say something. Anxious Reticence.  I have changed so much. 
You did not come this far, just to come this far keep pushing and never give up.  
I should have realized from the start. That your powerful words of discrimination are tearing me apart. Favoritism for my white cousin are abundantly clear. Compliment's galore you gifted them year after year.  
Heart Breaking Tear Inducing My world stopped when you left Sleepless Nights Numb Feelings I couldn’t pick myself back up I wanted to forget I wanted to stop existing All together
When she was growing   I realized when she was growing Not by the way her face seemed to angle
The Creative arts, They reach out to her They tell her she’s not alone. The Empty spaces, They reach out to her
BANG! POW! KABOOM! Words exclaiming from fragile comic book pages. wrapped in cape much too large, although the tag claims “one size fits all”.  Mind wondering, dreaming
Life that was given to you Outlined by the unique things Very noticable actions done for yourself Enjoying the world at all costs  
To my palm sweating, nerve crashing whore: Storms aren’t always what they may perceived to be A devotion your yellow aura may reach in every direction, arms spread with longitude, tangled, Yet a bliss 
Can it be changed? mended? altered? no.Do i worry? bite? tap?yes.Feel miserable? uninterested? Still?yes. But why do I do this?But why do I waste my energy being sad, mad, uncomfortable, upset?
The darkness echoed all around me, My failures questioning what I could be. If history was destined to repeat, My self-doubt would make me retreat. When someone is bound to fail,
Hidden within the crevasses on my infinite mind. Disguised as my voice he patiently awaits,  striking only when most opportune On days of insecurity and inferiority  only then he would come create chaos.
Body, forgive me. The poking and prodding I’ve inflicted upon you. I’ve wasted hours standing in front of glass prisons, my self esteem hidden behind bars made of stereotypes and a broken society, Body, forgive me.
I will always love you  Even when the sun does not shine tomorrow  I will love you the next day and everyday after that  Your the one I want to be consumed with  Wake up with and Go to sleep with 
ME:  I'm alone and I feel like I should feel worse but no matter how hard I cry I don't feel pain I'm alone but I feel more alive I can sit and I can breathe and I can watch
So I thought I knew everything… Growing up taught me lessons I should know A high school diploma was just nothing to show Momma was proud when I walked with a degree, I’m sure 
Life is tough, but we can do it, if we believe. Don't listen to anybody's voice, But your own. Please say, that you will not give up. You have to try so the light can shine through,
At the verge of losing control, a dagger, enters my chest, sent from his eyes, filled with indifference, one tear, no feelings, poison gushing from his lips—   Breathe.  
i left myself up because of the  LOVE I HAVE IN ME I won't fail because i know  I HAVE LOVE IN ME  LOVE KEEPS ME GOING  LOVE KEEPS ME HIGH  LOVE IS WITH IN ME 
Oh hi who am i ? oh I’m no one often said by some kid in a classroom somewhere around the world. Who feels invisible, unnoticed, unwanted. Their faces forever lost in the crowd that is a ocean of people.
mirror, mirror on the wall let the image i see fall let me see what's underneath hidden beside by insecurities let me be mended, restored, repaired rid me of despair; even if it strips me bare.
Why can't you see that I'm okay? Why do you keep trying? Why do you turn away? Why must I keep lying? Why do you even ask? When you know, I'm hiding behind a mask.
I AM BLACK AND I AM PROUD The color of my skin The way i walk and talk  Offend you i am sorry i cant change that I wont go undercover to please you I wont change the tone of my voice
Wish, not I, to dedicate a sonnet To surreptitious love, brutish sorrow,
Wish, not I, to dedicate a sonnet
Scrolling and mindlessly Judging Zooming in and Scrutinizing mindlessly Scrolling and Judging Jeering and Sharing Scrolling and Discovery
I'm just a girl that craves intangible things Like love A love that sees past my flaws And imperfections You see, beauty fades but we are infinite
Am I pretty now? You told me I need makeup, You can hardly tell it is me anymore, Am I pretty now? You said I needed to lose some weight, Well i have, now I'm anorexic, Am I pretty now?
Shattered sick tears heart ache
Dear Reflection,   When I look at you I see FEAR. I see that you DO NOT know the STRENGTH in your SOUL. You share the worry lines of POVERTY in your face. The dark eyes of SLEEPLESS nights.
Dear little girl,  It's okay, no need to fear. You were meant to be here. Your contemplation and hesitation Don't let it cloud you; don't let it drown you.Just do what you do; be you. One day you'll have all the fun.One day you won't have
Dear, Stranger it's 7am and i'm shaking  because your soul is so cold darling you take my pride away  when you sexualize me  i am not a doll  so don't dress me don't take away my opinion 
You fickle thing, You keep on looking,  For your reflection in others, Anxiously sending out, Clouded rays of light to broken mirrors, When will you see, That the light reflected,
Perhaps, I’m hidden.Trying not to show up.Somehow, like Renoir’s painting of the hidden girl.It reflects my shadows.It also reflects the sorrowWithin my heart. My heart is burning And I can see the and senseThe fire.
To the girl from two years ago, You do not need to be afraid, For there are worse things to fear Than the darkness that shows In the middle of the day.
to my Self, you have always been, are, and will continue to be, perfect in your imperfections. You are human, and you are as beautiful as the cosmos.   to my Skin,
I need closure.   Set some things straight.   I was insecure and vulnerable, and no, I don't want to go on a date.   Why do you taunt me?    Stupid, silly, fate.  
When you are hard on yourself, you cannot escape Running through your mind, from these thoughts. Your mind constantly drifting, lost at sea. Some dark places can be found, some bright places too.
My skin isn't pretty. Painted, ruined like graffiti. Peel back the skin, And all I find is more melanin. It's dark and tainted.
Dear Oppressor, I would like you to thank you.  Your mind may be orchestrating millions of ideas on why I would be saying thanks. Why would she thank her oppressor? Is she crazy?
Dear Christina,   Why? Why didn’t you think? Why were you so mean? Why were you so harsh on yourself?    
Dear Christina,   Why? Why didn’t you think? Why were you so mean? Why were you so harsh on yourself?    
Dear Society,   I am not the only toy in your box that feels this way, But I refuse to lie off to the side Waiting for you to return and play.   Remember when you loved me,
Ya keep callin' Keep callin I won't answer To these lames playin' games I think they messed up
Shes looking like a vision A work of art She on a mission Call her the new And improved Kim possible Cuz she unattainable Getting uh house soon And that ferrari too
Dear Self, Would you believe me if I said that you were beautiful? Would you give yourself a chance to be something more than a cruel? You’re in your senior year of high school
So close.Close enough to admire the part in your hair, Close enough to study the creases of your face, From years of laug
Sincerely, Me This is all you need to know. You are known for literally nothing. I do not believe anyone should ever say that You have a purpose. The truth is,
It’s because I love you, That I would make you cry. And that’s why I’m your greatest ally.   It’s because I love you,
The sun moves on so does the moon in the night sky. 
Because I love you, he says as he makes me cut class Because I love you, he says as he isloates me from friends Because I love you, he says as he breaks my phone Because I love you, he says as he pushes me against a wall
Because I Love you, I think of you everyday. I care about what you say, Sometimes your words hurt. Make me feel like dirt, But I know you mean well
Love is the little things that happen,  like when you see a smile on their face,  or when their eyes sparkle while they talk,  or when their presence makes your day better. 
Becasue I Love you               You are free-willed   Because I Love you                We are inviolable   Because I Love you                It is inestimable  
A Healthy Relationship: Us A healthy relationship is a relationship with Commitment Confidence Compassion  
You got the best of me When a stream of tears rains down my face Or when my mind is a blank space Of a never ending sea   You hold me tight
If I showed you the real me, you’d faint from the reality. Should I wipe away the fake, you’d realize just how cake faced I am.  I pile on shimmery hues of teal to hide the blues I truly feel. Why should I wipe them away and leave the real blues o
For a whole year, we sat and talked and fought. Because I love you Jay, We talked. We argued. I hit you. Because I love you and I don't want to lose you.
Healthy Relationships.  That's a phrase I aspire to.   Healthy Relationships.  What does it mean? Healthy Relationships.  A goal and a dream.  
When you look at me what do you see  What do you think  Do you see my darker skin  And think she’s dumb or commits a great deal of sin Do you see my kinky, coily hair 
  mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? perhaps it is the boy who used to pinch me in preschool thinking hitting girls was what made rugrat boys cool
Once upon a time, under the water there looked to be a girl of the age of thirteen. She had big blue eyes,long brown hair, and beautiful legs that were so pale.
i'm done with all the poems about how depressed people are in love  ...with their beds. i'm done with metaphors about light and how "if it just shined  on me for a second i might 
Once upon a time Belle found beauty in the beast, we're all beautiful
Strange isn't it? The way we act so different behind closed doors when no one is looking. We can become our true selves, let our colors fly But why only when no one else is looking?
An indecisive prince he was, With the intent of finding his princess. Not simply any princess will do. She must meet all of the rules, To be considered true.
                                                                  What would you change?                                                                                                   
I've found a way to look through my mirror For the first time in my life Past the assymetrical traits God drew crudely while I was In the womb Past the nose I loathed
Everything is different but yet the same. Some things are clearer, but others are blurred out dots in my brain. My screams become bubbles floating up to meet the clouds
This moment right here, Is when you learn to heal on your own. Make amends to fact that his body can no longer lay next to you As you weep your struggles to his shoulders.
Dear body, I hate you I know mamma taught me to love you...but I don’t Always trying to rid of you To make you thinner
Pure dark cocoa, milk chocolate, toasted caramel, almond joy; & eveything in between. Love your colored Kings & Queens. 
I cried a lot last year. I looked in the mirror and saw someone I hated. I wasn't as skinny as the skinniest girl. I should stop eating. I wasn't as tall as the tallest model.  I should start stretching.
You're beautiful underneath, they said But beautiful underneath only goes so far.
She acts like she has a hard shell but.....    In all actuality she's dying inside from the challenges life throws her Sometimes she feels alone fearing that god dosent see nor hear her
As leader you have to protect,not to neglect for everything that comes your way.  As a leader you have to listen to the information. For your nation.  As leader you should express yourself
I looked in the mirror and I saw a woman. A black woman with power, an independent woman, a woman with the vision to change the world. 
  Young Black Girls seem to experience the most when it comes to Society Standards. Social Media has brainwashed us. We are at a constant battle trying to show our worth
When I was a little girl, I was worried that people would think I was pregnant. It felt as though my stomach were the size of the moon and my body was the vast expanse that held it in place
I had never really thought about poetry until 8th grade. As a class we needed to read a poem called "Stardust".
I am plastic, Your child’s best friend, I am small and held in their hand, I am tall and pretty, And every girl wants to be me,  
Love what you see Because that is you Let you be The true What matters is what you see in your eyes Don't bring yourself down Don't bring out cries Love yourself you have a crown
 I am a contradiction, A perfect contradiction. On looking in from outside, I think I'd pass inspection.   My nails are neat, each hair in place. My clothes the latest styles.
Who else can I be besides me ?  As I walk upon thee, Why so shy they ask me ? But I smile moving along so they remember me , Calm and collective as I always say ,  So people look at you in a different way, 
I am not important. I am not important. I am not important.  
Can You see your soul? No? Well I can. Imagine, you with your lone self. Just you, and that inevitably amazing thing us humans call a soul, even a brain.
The size of her body Society says it's not cute Now she's looking in the mirror Not knowing what to do - Maybe body slimmers , she thought.. That should do But why should she try to fit in even if she's a size two ?
So self-conscious  That’s why she spends an hour in the bathroom Trynna see life clearer  While her mascara  Is running down her face
Look in the mirror and take a deep breath. It’ll all become clearer that there’s not only death.   The scars that you see, may not disappear. But the person you’ll be,
I need this idea. This idea that one day I will actually be me.  The person I want to be. No restrictions against me, I will be free. No one to go against me, No limitations on who I can be.
Being yourself is the best thing you can be, Unique is the right word to desribe what you should be, Love yourself like no other, Be real with yourself, and others,
My mind gets moments of restlessness/ causing my body extreme exhaustion/ wondering how do I make the bad feelings stop/ how do I stay out of the would ifs and worry about the right nows and what I presently got/ laughter seems so forced/ seeing w
I am Melanin   Got melanin? I do, and why is that such a bad thing? My hair is kinky; my nose is big. I no longer wish to wear extensions,
You're ugly. You're beautiful. You're fat. You're full-figured. You're worthless. You're everything. You're stupid. You're different. You're smart. You're unique. You're you.
Are you my mom? Is the question I asked to the lady standing in front of me. She replied with the answer “ NO” which started it all.   
There's just something about dali, it makes me giddy it makes me sad,
In order
From private to public... From paying for tuition and striving with ambition To going to school for free with kids who leave in the middle of class to walk to the store for a carton of tea
I don't owe you anything but my voice And you don't owe me anything but your time But please understand that if you are struggling in this life the trouble in your mind is no indication of weakness
I am a believer in touching the sky,
the gift inside of me is more valuable, more precious than golden nugget chunks found beneath Earth's rocky skin. it is much more beautiful than glittering diamond fractals, reflecting beams of light
I'm smiling on the outside,
You fall deeper each day into an ocean filled with dark, murky water. You want to escape but the current filled with self-doubt makes it harder. You constantly seek freedom but the dark shadows of negativity hold you down.
Never quite understood how people could envy me When my upbringing was pierced with struggle and violence As a result, feeding to my fatuous inferiority complex or complexities
My job isn't to make you feel comfortable To show that I care about how you feel about me Everyone repeat after me: MY worth is not diminished by what others think or say about me. ALL TOGETHER NOW. 
What is my story, you ask? Not one that can be covered by a mask. It involves venturing into the dark ocean Looking towards a better future with devotion.
It started with a book All good things start with a book   I read the story that changed my way of thinking   The way we are sheilded In this "accepting" society.
I saw the way they looked at me those eyes. They could tear me down and bring me back up and those eyes have done that plenty.
My blood bristles. The fever is crisp like wine, through my veins. The pressure illuminates my remains I stir with tenacity. I sense your lustful presence My blood pressure rises, then falls−
Every wish isn't right or wrong.
A weightless wonder
Liquid silk pours down my face Unmasking, revealing Yet no reflection takes it's place  
Is it true? the words I hear and the visuals I see, beyond truth is all I ever believe, but for  me to see, and for me to hear is it reality?  the feelings that i feel
That beautiful girl with her eyes that look like they belong on a painting those eyes that could stare down anything and anyone  they look right through your's and see right into your very heart
Who am I with #NoFilter you ask... You may see a  dollar all wrinkled and torn and then that perfect straight crisp dollar but they both are still dollars right? Filters just cover up the imperfections on the outside.
with a full figure; i am FLAWLESS with hips and thighs; i am FLAWLESS with a tummy; i am FLAWLESS with full lips; i am FLAWLESS with a family; i am FLAWLESS with friends that love me; i am FLAWLESS
Funny funny funny, I am funny Creative Creative Creative I am Creative I am me who loves and loves I am me who loves to be loved Caring for a person's heart is what's normal
It hurt,  it hurt looking at him. The betrayal within his arms, his arms embracing another female.  Eyes wide open,  as she lays upon the memories,
I watch you stain a canvas with your presences soft breath whispers your eyes don't see and your ears don't hear endless odysseys of conversations I’ve had with you your body language the tool of choice
This handsome Blind man says Only me in my world Only I can see my world U can't c my world Only I can c my world Only I could heed my thought
I review myself over a layer of abstraction: the camera's lense, the mirror's silver, or a stranger's eye.   It's when I look into myself as a primary source that I descover the gorgeous,
Today I sit in the front.
The lies grow like wildfire, spreading everyday. As soon as i think things settle down, a thought ignites the flame 
Hair tied in knots, Lipstick smeared off, The room that I'm in, Littered with cloth. Homework undone, Bed untidy, Finding myself, Dirty and grimy. I take a step back,
Everything that is, is god.
Some say I'm like a diary; difficut to read.  Try to understand me its not oh so easy. Some say I am confusing, It so amusing. I am hated by people Shhhh I know the secrects.
In a world where people are periodically posting pics and sending selfies to fellow citizens, there is a surprising amount of self hate surrounding the subject.
Have you ever been stuck with nothing to say? And though there’s plenty to say, you just can’t say it? Who’s going to listen? I am screaming from the inside, hoping someone hears me,
Have you ever been stuck with nothing to say? And though there’s plenty to say, you just can’t say it? Who’s going to listen? I am screaming from the inside, hoping someone hears me,
In the mirror, I stare at my opposite twin who stares back at me. She is beautiful, yet worn; she is mysterious, yet ordinary. And there is no way of talking to her
I am a book that everyone seems to understand. 
Friends are those who claim to have your back
This is it. The final score Never has it been this hard before Racquet in my quivering hand Do not go into no man’s land Everything has led to this
We walk around pretending we're fine. No one ever seems to want to find the time  To walk the fine line Between knowing someone through a hashtag or a username And showing them actual compassion. 
I travel the whole world
I am a girl with space tucked under the flaps of her skin. I grasp at the loose tendrils, in shades of forest and thunder, attempting to hold the drifting vapor close to my luminescent heart.  
Tell me why are you here all alone? Here in the corner with a pill bottle and much more Advil than you'll ever need I'm so sorry that no one ever told you the mirror lies.
Lights. Curtain. Action!
Coming to a mirror image, Dull is my thinking that age; From the site of my being, To my impure seems.  
#Instagram #LOL #Live without the makeup. without the drama.  without the hate.  I don't have an Instagram.  #nofilter #truebeauty #showwhoyoureallyare We love you for you. 
Large nose, large thighs, the filter of plastic surgery may be the only cover-up.
She's unique and delicate as a flower, Not so much like a Gerbera, but more like an Orchid. Her dark almond eyes penetrate your soul in just a glance,
I am me, The only version there is to see. Filters included, false perception,
calm in a tempest     blown unbroken Centered Strong         Balanced unmoving   Unassuming plain     cold - blank canvas vivid - hot eddy of Passion   Currents flow over
We only haveone life,this life,no other life.The past isbehind us.The futurelies ahead.So do what you want,and not what you hate.No one can tell you
Who am I? I am a chick who likes superheroes and comic books.
You can tell I'm not faking when I've begun to climb a nearby tree When it's not covered in ants I'm myself when I'm working, helping others or just being plain selfish When I'm drinking my morning tea
Hello beautiful child, flower child. Whenever you look at the world you make it smile. The way you walk, the way you talk, it honestly just inspires. You would never know you're some peoples desires.
A few hundred likes really mean nothing A perfect face and a beautiful smile, Hidden behind a wall of insecurity, Under the waves of social validation. The shreiking self doubt drowns out true beauty;
I rub my eyes, Eyeliner, Mascara, Streaks my face.   Makeup remover, Wipe, By wipe, It disappears.   I continue, Foundation, Concealer,
Loving, caring, an open book Trustng of others without a second look It's crazy how I can see the best in others But it took me so long to see the best in me Who I was used to depend on how others felt
People talk about me and it used to bother me they said I was annoying they said I was loud and weird
That perfect caption -  it's all I need to say.  It tells the world what I'm doing,  where I'm at, when I'll be away.  That corresponding picture  (damn I look so fine!)
It’s the same exact spot Where it happened. Walking past it everyday I cannot help but imagine Another way it could have gone. The crashing is silenced.   I arrive at my house and it is silent.
The cracks in your trunk chunk together a sort of pattern,
Four letters carry conspiracy-theory sized opinions of a word that we hope exists. a word universally intertwined in our bones pulsing through our spirits and sidewalks. a word hidden in the most common places
What I say
Without a filter, my true and most natural beauty is shown It isn't improved with filters, like Valencia and Rise It's the normal me, the unaltered me Pressing "none" or "no effect" allows you to see
Words flow in and out as I speak of what I know. Quotes and lyrics emerge from my light lips. I sing stories of dreams and nightmares. My stomach rumbles and does flips.   I'm determined to break free.
They say no filter 
What may feel empty to the world, Cause I got no color to define,
Smears, smudges hide my face In the dusty reflections of the mirror  With shaking hands I can place  The nose, the hair, the eyes But in a glimpse they're chased  From my tentative tries
Ladies tell'em that I look so good tonight,
you opened a path so that
Imperfect. What two words do you see? "I'm" and "Perfect." What does that mean? I am Perfect. What do I know? I AM Perfect. Do you know what I'm not? A model. An actress.
A passion, a reason for life, Its what i strive for, What I'm scared I'll never find.   I've tried it all; Art - wasn't expressive enough, Sports - needed to be more tough,
You left me. You never stopped and thought about how I would be affected.
flawless skin perfect hair trendy clothes confident additude perfect smile take away the filters and what do you see acne covered skin damaged hair dirty clothes broken smile
Click, snap, image captured Edit, draw, redirected Delete, delete Photo recaptured Upload now, photo posted This is me #nomakeup Eyes of slivers, wrinkles, dried tears This is I #nofilter
Misery loves company As does joy and misery Who doesn't long for companionship Seeking like minds for friendship When the curtains close And you find yourself alone Walking into an empty home
His hair is messy and curly Some would say that it is girly But to that he'd reply With a glint in his eye That really they're just being surly   Eyes that see only through spectacles
The makeup. The smiles. The friends. I'll let you see. The parties. The crowd. Through the lens that's what you see.
Picture Perfect-ly Imperfect   *Like* *Share* *Tweet* I wish I were that pretty. I wish I were that witty. I wish… “Oh hey yeah I’m great! How are you?”
I am vulnerable I am flawed I am human I put on a mask Try to be what the world wants me to be It isn't me I am vulnerable I am flawed I am human I am a perfectionist
In my own skin I am me Its hard to accept, hard to see Day in and day out I'm told differently That everyone should accept the beauty I must be My skin holds a story That can not be explained
You can stare into a glossy surface, water stained but, you can see what you strive to see  a reflective pool rippled with a flash  the corners of my lips lift  with yours. An eerie imitation 
Do you see what I see? Without filters Without makeup My hair is natural and ever changing with the seasons Eyes as brown as coffee Reflecting my mother’s Down to earth and genuine
Who am I I ask as I gaze into the clear blue sky What makes me unique My personality, I think I am a little bit of everything All rolled into someone who cannot sing I feel the music in my body though
I think we are all flawless because Flaws are intangible thoughts Who defines these edges on a person?
At night I stare at the ceiling in wonder Thinking about what could have been, of what will be Countless fears drag me under, The thought of resting lost to me   In untamed world of nature shown
My hair's in stylish knots, Followed by raccoon eyes. My loafing fashion's caught, By the luring guys.
Who am I? A Brother. A Son. A Uncle. A Friend.  A Grandchild. A boyfriend  I'm more than what you might see on Instagram
  Here I stand again
Whether it’s walking down the hall or strutting on stage
When you look at the world What do you see? Do you view your food and friends in Mayfair and Valencia? Your wasting your time deciding which accent makes your skin look tan
Authentic [adjective] described as being real 
Flawless  This is me
Who am I without a filter? Before I adjust the contrast, saturation, shadows, and sharpness of my image. Before I change the filter to Mayfair or Valenica. Before I get my make up and hair just right.
My head is up and my heart is beating
I am exposed.  Here I am in my most pure form,  No filter. No edits. 
Unflitered i feel like everybody else, my skin feels the same, looks the same my soul feels the same, looks the same my mind feels the same, looks the same, many say we're all different,
You want to know who I am without a filter? I am the original masterpiece without a filter I am the way God made me without a filter I am who I am supposed to be without a filter
A wall, rising tall made of thick stones Guarded by hundreds of soldier Inside stands a king broad, strong, confident  he is impenetreble  Take down that wall Take away the soldiers
I only see myself once, maybe twice, a day. How can that be? You think, With a world of mirrors, cameras, and reflections, Everyone is everywhere. You're right, but I mean my real self.
  A filter is an unattractive face covered with a mask Spraying perfume at the trash Covering a bad hair with a hat  
This is who I am A line of just five A sister of three A daughter of one A friend of many This is who I am A student for life A love for music A life for writing
They wonder why they cry
In an attempt to introspect I write this verse with my heart Very somber, filled with regrets But with clarity beyond any extrinsic breath
Loud mouth, Too many words being spoken
The eyes of my mother were a color that  enveloped me in her warmth. The brown rings surrounded me on days when I needed them the most, And drowned out any inhibitions
I am a child of the sun, kissed to a golden caress of honey skin, shining bright on the outside from the light within I am the bird that flies without limitation through the endless sky, filled with the light blue hue of my aspirations
Here let me tell you about life out of disguise, About who we are, free of misconception and lies. Some people, they have got it all so, so wrong, Having countless filters on pictures and saying "selfie game strong".
A Selfie Cannot Reflect 
I’ve shoved myself relentlessly in to the Valencia, Ludwig, Sierra, and Hefe. I’ve broken my body to fit the mold.
Can there really be someone better than me? No, there can't because  I'm the only one, you see Ain't very many people with my personality Not my name, not my talents or my family
I'm going to bring up Gender equality Being a "feminist" And what that means. Let's talk about stereotypes And why they exist Why we continue to accept The explanations they give As if:
You know it's hard to feel flawless when you've been where I've been, and seen what I've seen, and done what I've done.
Instagram is a trend most of us do Hash tag filter Hash tag life Hash tag me A filter out picture is what people see I’m more than a filtered out picture though In all honesty I know the real me
No flaw me eyes blue perfect hair I dont even have a dumbfounded stare Yes me . perfections my key Open minded , yes thats all me Let me not forget the best part of me
One tear Is all I will let fall Because if I let more come Running down my cheeks It will be like a river That floods Until it reaches my heart The place where you are
Get lost.  Just because we live in a world that is 2/3 extrovert does not mean I wish to join your ranks. I'm done with feeling less than because I would rather sit quietly and listen
From the coils on my head To the Birth mark on my right arm From the pigment of my skin To the beauty of my charm I am the expressed genes of my DNA Genetically selected me I must say  
Beep Beep Beep In the dark I fumble for my phone, and there is silence. The day has not started and I am already done. Opening my eyes I swing my legs over the edge of my bed,
Position one
The trees are tall and powerful. Green moss is growing bright. Mountain views will take your breath away, You can see them dark or light. Dont be suprised if you find me here,
Every picture I take, I take with a sense of accomplishment. It's not the beauty of the picture or the perfection of it,  Its the understanding that I see behind a picture of myself.
I wish when I smiled, I meant it, I want my laugh to sound carefree like it did before, I need to be the center of the picture; so that I know I wont be the one on the outside. I miss the way I used to be, 
I was born flawless Why you may ask Because I'm me And God made I'm a woman I'm a sister I'm a daughter I' m a best friend My imperfections make me flawless
I’m always complimented on my perfectly golden skin. My bronze hue holds the Flawless’ secret in an imperfect world
I am beauty. I may not look like it I may feel like it
#Don'tFilterMe Because I'm #Beautiful With all my imperfections Large pores Uneven skintone And acne scars No I'm not 5'10, size 2 Because I'm #Funsize Petite but hey
The Difference in my Style 
God's Perfect Imperfection I'm different. My body emanates with its own scent
With out a filter My eyes are a pair of c list stuntmen Imperfect but BoldMy nose is large But has potential that is quite undersold My lips are doors that are blocked by the ruins of broken pride
                       Who I really am       A girl in her own world. So absorbed in it  that someone may mistaken her for being disabled.  So infused it can be hard to come out of it at times. 
The Way I walk and the way I talk Flawless The way I rock my hips and dip Flawless
In my filitered pictures... I am perfect I am errorless 
When I was a child I was my true self
No filter is needed to see who this is A girl with such a bliss Someone who they miss But in history, they've shown of me what should be As now I uncover my destiny Now the filters may disappear
                                                        Without these filters I Am Human. The pain that I feel Emotional or physical Is real The laughter I have
Pick this up Pick that up Shut your mouth Women should be seen Not heard. Make me tea Make me breakfast Make me tea Make me lunch Make me tea Make me dinner
so this is what you get when you wash me down scrub me with scalding water until my skin is raw lather and rinse and repeat wash the layers of armor away we watch as they swirl down the drain
Me, Myself, and Myself This is everyone I trust I've been fooled and taken over My personal safety is a must   Me, Myself, and Myself These 3 are my bestfriends Im sure they won't ever  hurt me
Maybe I'm crazy and insane. Maybe we are not the same. But now I know what I see. Every time you look at me. It's innocence, That light. A light that shines through any dark night. And tho you are far away. These words I still have to say.
Who am I? I am your average teen. My parents are divorced. My friend has committed suicide. I’m not the riches or coolest person in the world. I don’t have tons and tons of friends.
Isn’t it weird how your unconscious consciously decides Based upon what you unconsciously desire So what you want isn’t what you admire
I come from backyard adventures, And big dogs, And mud pies made to share.   I come from loving arms,
Procrastinator Extremely awkward Rebellious only in her thoughts Flawed Expert of all things unimportant in life Completely insane Truly unique and one of a kind
When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a different girl living in a Utopian world. The girl is different from me, way different from what I've seen.
You cannot see me. I am a faceless person behind a computer screen. All you know about me is what I am about to tell you. Without all the physical stuff, this is me. The authentic and me that I strive to be.
The darkness of her hair The lightness to her eyes The sweetness to her voice The kindess to her soul She never lets you down She always is there She will keep you safe
You tell me I'm stupid, I'll show you my grades. You tell me I'm too smart,
Look at me.I mean it, look at me.Not at my face, look in my eyes.Look where my real beauty lies.I know you’ve been missing it for some time.Because on the outside,
I do not have an hour-glass figure,
Strip me from my makeup and remove me from my vanity, 
We live in a world of freedom yet hate, Where all face the gate of the fear for imperfection. To choose and stay behind this gate, And let words and actions choose your fate,
 Wanting to belong. Wanting to fit in.
My name is A'Jayla All of Joy and Anger, I'm Young Filled with Longing and Amazement -
Above my right eyebrow there's a scar From the day after Four Years of ignorance or innocence I discovered the death of my favorite dog.   And all around my arms
When you commit suicide you kill yourself Others then die inside and are robbed of wealth You are valuable to others more than you know Suicide just let’s all your weaknesses show
  The Infinite Ink He has no lead , no limits, he only knows write.
Selfie stick, Vienna filter Eyeliner, Mac brushes, fake lashes Pink lips, contoured cheeks Curling irons, skinny waists Thigh gap, high heels, short dresses  
My image is captured
As a woman I can act like a lady I can dress like a lady I can expand my vocabulary so that  I sound like a lady I can walk with the right amount of sway Like a lady With just enough tease
    When I remove that mask of insecurities You see a face of all my histories My lips part like the red sea
Maybe I plaster a smile on my face to please The same pretty smile you see dancing across my Instagram feed You can question what's lurking in my psyche But I am not fake  
I , am original . Without the filters I think I am a pretty handsome person . Natural is what i am without technology . My own is what I am without technology .
The perimeter lush as an Irish spring Green with envy for affection The center soft as weak tea Gold as her virtue But then those black abysses Deep as the hell itself See anger, see pain, see hatred
In a funhouse, I stare in awe at my reflection, Wishing I could live in a penthouse. My life, my perspective, my bias keep me going in the right direction.
Don't know who I am But I've been finding my way since six grade Small in stature , but stand like a statue. My eyes are innocent My power is fear But I strong ...
Lipstick and lip gloss. Eyeshadow, eye liner, and mascara. BB cream, foundation, powder, and blush. Did you ever think that you look beautiful without all that makeup?
It's like I've landed on another atmosphere, Giving out my own female energy with my beauty.  My natural brownskin, glowing,
I am a figure Someome people looks up to for an uplift i am some one you can count on when you have a down day and felling disfigured i am sheeka short for danskia archanetta bogle  I am goofy and crazy
When people are unreasonable and selfish I want to forgive. I want to be the best me that I can be. I wish to give the world the best version of me, and hope that it is enough. I want to... Give my best anyway.
I am flawless because I am strong I'll never quit when things go wrong with much experience with good and bad I  still won't quit when I am sad no matter what puts me down I shine like diamonds on a crown
I am T I am 16 years old I am an African-American female I just want to be myself I'm tired of hiding who I am I'm tired of hiding who I am in every aspect of who I am
Picture this, a camera that only highlights true beauty My camera snaps a photo of all my natural flaws That is true beauy that reflects No filter needed The all High Mighty didn't need a filter
Is That Really Me? By Rachel Z   Is that really me?
i never been a stranger to the cold ,never been a stranger to the loneliness ,never been a stranger to the lies never been a stranger to the dark and husky nights .It's gotten to the point where i would perfer it to be night just to enjoy the bri
i never been a stranger to the cold ,never been a stranger to the loneliness ,never been a stranger to the lies never been a stranger to the dark and husky nights .It's gotten to the point where i would perfer it to be night just to enjoy the bri
What do you expect? All of me is what you get I never learned how to cover it up So what's with all this fuss I've fought too hard for this authenticity For your idea of simplicity I am me
Man meets woman with a sword in hand Like shooting stars caused by fate they clashed Falling into territory they didn't know where to land Original plans were shaken and not trashed  
Remarkable ​Sensational
I sit in class ready to learn but with a heart that’s been burned. Not because of a boy but because of what I have done to myself. The real me laughs but doesn’t smile
A clear, deep voice rings across the room, It reaches me efficiently and fast. 
I walk alone sometimes. you may ask me how i am, i will say that i am fine and i will ask if you would like to walk with me.   I walk alone sometimes. it does not bother me,
I tried to roll the melanin off my skin
When I take a picture   I smile and stare at my relfection.   My mind wonders if they will like it   if they will see me the way  I see me.  
What do you see,When you look in the mirror?You see you,And I see me.We are different,That is perfect,And how it's supposed to be.
When raindrops are falling from your cloudy eyes,
Me and Instagram we go back and forth like a pendulum
A simple definition will not due. What is respect? My idea or yours? I know where yours comes from. It comes from a branch so sucked into the means of society, it has lost all meaning.
                          my eyes tend to judge me  my mind wonders recklessly as I stare in the mirror my eyes tend to judge me..could I make this any clearer?
Underneath I have a dirty heart You all will fail, so I can win I am not clean and cut like my selfies But I am rough and tough like so many I do not really care about you So what if I lie and say that I do?
Ruddy, thats what they call my complexion A mix of pure white and dots I am calico The contours of my body are softly proportioned  a little extra here and there but I am muscled  I am strong  
What is beauty? It is somewhat hard to say, Because all things are beautiful If you look at them the right way.   People focus on aesthetics; Imperfections they will hide.
The Authentic Me by Hunter E Jones   Does the selfie define me? Am I worthy? Am I pretty?
She comes home crying everyday because of thing's that people say, people do.
If you were to compare a selfie of me from four years ago to one today,
My heart is racing. 
Individuality is key to me  
There are times in life where I
I am a smart, mature, athlete, designer, and a mess. But, I am a beautiful mess. A mess when I stress, to try to be flawless. It’s something I try so hard to be every day.
It was just within that moment in which I had taken a mere reflection of myself. A true reflection in which no other could see, unless filtered into perfection. I am a pure, white flower, blooming from fine, fertile land. 
If I told you I wore my heart on my sleeve You wouldn't believe,  because its barely a heart.   It's bruised and its scarred  From all the places its been marred by my own insecurity.  
I am a woman who can do it all Even though I am so small I have so much potential  because I know most of the essentials
In and from this world what do we really want?
i am the one they call strange  annoying  weird  different i am the girl who is ignored  unwanted  unneeded  i am the one who doesnt grow up  i probably never will 
Don't impress nobody if they don't like you then so be it. Don't ever feel like you are nothing because you truly are.
We allow society to make us into something we are not. It's popularity the way of achieving this idiotic tragic.
She knew there are other things that I am thankful for. But there is this one object that she has to thank more.
The  secret  to sucess is what makes me flawless Confidence is key to a certain degree. When you keep your chin up and get back in the stirrup. Nobody can slow you down.  
Flawlessness Confidence within Free from manipulation Self empowered, justified pride Autonomous
Flawlessness. Confidence within. Free from manipulation. Self empowerment, justified pride. Autonomous.
Flawlessness. Confidence within. Free from manipulation. Self empowerment, justified pride. Autonomous.
Its purpose is to make a flawless shape Aren’t we as humans like a shape it makes? With arms, legs, head and hair To fit the dimensions that make us so fair.   Except this cookie cutter cannot will not,
BORING ANNOYING LOUD AWKWARD FAT UGLY  and every bad thing inbetween You are not important You are not part of the league
  Rarely do I see stretch marks, bruises, and scars in the media The absence of flaws on models and celebrities is extremely concerning It implies that imperfections are a shameful appearance
Whether or not you are famous  Whether or not you are you Waking up in the morning, did it ever feel so cruel? Did you ever have to look at them and want to be glamourous? I feel like me
What is it about me that speaks and spreads love? That admiration I seek is a gift from above that not only do I give, but I expect nothing in return well...sometimes... but that's another lesson learned.
It gets better they say. Time and time again when they are not in the positon to care what really happens.
From her curly hair, to her short cocoa legs  she was flawless  Her brown eyes were soft and innocent  but yet, they were flawless  From the way she spoke with powerful words,
  It’s tough when you’re forced to grow up in a world Where Barbies are standards for each little girl I’ve had too many friends feel they’re less than they are
And I don't want you And I don't need you Don't bother to resist, or I'll beat you It's not your fault that you're always wrong
Maybe if I dye my hair or straighten my teeth, I'll look just like the glamour girls you see on t.v. Wonder if that'll catch his eyes.   But really I'm just fine being me. No need to worry, I'm always happy.
My darling, you are so beautiful. The word for your flawlesness has not yet been invented  your beauty spills lawlessly  forward
Sick of division, powered by ambition Brushed into a corner from their social superstition   What's your favorite color, boy? White girls are who he enjoys Therefore I'm not worthy of his attention
I suppose that in a way
Blood as red as a rose They said death was something that you just chose Truthfully it chose you
No make-up, no hills Just me.
    behind the makeup and smile as big as her heart there is a girl she is living in constant fear of the future her biggest fear is failing she feels helpless but she has to try
I am a Goddess My confidence orbits the sun Some may see my abundance of self-love as conceit They would be undoubtedly wrong I am simply in touch with my inner Deity
Perfect this.
Each day I spend looking into the eyes of othersAt this girl who writes meaningful poemsAt this girl who watches way too much tvAt this girl who makes sarcastic remarks about every little thing
  imperfection is something only others see and in the end I will be the most perfect me I can ever be so why waste time and pick out my flaws
F.l.a.w.l.e.s.s Unlike the rest I'm not flawless in my face But flawless in my ways My body shape may not be the Same But that doesn't subtract from my beauty nor my good grades F.l.a.w.l.e.s.s
A Message    
Love Is Love  
The definition of flaw is defect or fault; The definition itself is contradictory to Heaven and Earth. Everyone is made specifically and perfectly as they are, So any "flaws" are actually evidence of flawlessness.
Being flawless is not a trait that I used to see within myself It was soemthing that I worked for, but never felt as though I would claim as mine... I read about becoming flawless, the makeup piles stacking up on each shelf,
I may not have a body that’s hand-crafted marble With each curve and dip being smooth and alluring, Or a mind tuned as precisely as a clock, Or manners as polished as fine as fine jewels…
Every picture of me that I personally take does have some editing of my face.
I am a woman. Therefore, I am power. A typical woman is said to bloom like a flower. Why bloom like a flower, when you can sting like a bee? I am fearless, and I will be a queen.  
I’ve stopped drinking from the wishing well of health Guaranteed to keep you young and make all your wishes Come true. Despite the try my will ran dry Has I came to the realization not everything is flawless
When I was young I never played outside,
It's all the flaws that make us all unique. Though I am not, and never will be, the size of mannequins at the boutique.   Even with all of my "flaws", they would say, my nose, my ears, my feet,
Beauty is not a simple thing,
Beauty is not a simple thing,
I am not the shade of my lipstick.Instead I am the
Wickedly Talented, Idina Menzel She shows me what is truly like to be flawless She makes mistakes She laughs it off She gets nervous She has heartbreak She is exhausted She works hard
You, sir, may not think I’m pretty You may even think that I am petty And you can believe that I am a petty, not pretty woman But I am confident and beautiful and I am flawless  
Hello My name is Jasmine I mean my name is Young I mean my name is Girl I mean my name is Woman   Hi there I’d like to tell you a story About summer When it’s hot
I am supposed to write about how I am flawless How I have no faults and am perfect But you see,    I am not flawless I am not perfect  I am only me   I make mistakes daily
I'm flawless by the curve in hip
I am flawless from my head to my toes No clothes or filters can better what’s already gold I shine so bright and I don't need to be told For its my beauty within, that makes me so bold
Romans 5:18 "I loved you at your darkest" I have loved you at your darkest, my child, despite all you're hurt and pain. I loved you while you were on your phone searching for love and love again.
Who the hell am I? If number’s don’t define me If my body doesn’t define me If my appearance doesn’t define me If money doesn’t define me Then what makes me who I am? Personality?
While so many women are fixing their smile And going to salons to get their hair dyed I am being told that I have beautiful eyes But as radiant as your smile could be And as piercing as your eyes may be
I use filters every day of my life I'm not just talking about stupid ass picture filters 
Quick take a picture What can we see? An everlasting flawess flitered picture of me Hair done Skin soft Eyebrows on fleek Eyes tipped Black dip, winged tip on me
When you feel weak, think of this- your skin literally absorbs sunlight and turns into vitamin D so that your bones stay strong. Darling, your body feeds on stars, it is the universe that keeps you alive,
I loved a Boy who never loved me. I loved a Boy who dared me to dream.
I find it difficult to run for numbers these days. I go out to cross the finish line, I pat myself on the back simply for making it through. The people I love watch me and not watches, they offer their supportive shoulders
My old friend, long since living in Tanzania was a friend of living. "You are flawless" she crooned. "Trust me, I know."
Years of bullying and I'm still head strong Over the past few I'm still going on Unsing my friends to help to support me  
One day my father asked me what I wanted to do, I lied.
Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you want it to. As we grow up, we have to choose. Life goes by fast. You go from playing in a sand box to waiting for a boy who doesn’t know if he should ask.
Her mind is a mess of colors and shapes,
Skin and Bones: A Poem by Tyler Shreve-Smith
Perfection in sublime imperfection Unique by design, The Creator’s creation echoes Eternal Soaring, reverberating, carving past present streams of stalagmites, the stale and the nocturnal  
Ever since I was a little girl, I was always told I was beautiful or cute. From my wide blue eyes To the way my hair would curl. As I grew older… Words remembered, encouraged Me to go forward.
Life is too short to stop me from living my life. I may want what other seem irrational. But all my life it's what I've used, To keep me stable, sane, and stationary. Stationary yet I'm always moving.
Peaking into the mirror I halt.
  My older sister thinks that Madonna gave her a lobotomy, When she’s at the tail end of her medication and needs more, And even when she’s on them she talks off to the side,
I am ME.   I am not you. I can not do you. You can not do me. I can do me.   I Sing like me, Laugh like me, Look like me.   Not You.  
Tall, Thin, Wealthy, Eye-catching. Nowadays, society values and feels magnetized to those who who are so materialistically aesthetic. Superficiality is a concept that is
I am more than meets the eye.
Beauty is more than what is seen with the eyes, what I have is hidden. More than just a beating heart with a pretty smile, i have a free spirit too. How could you ever tell,
Yes I know I'm flawless Wow look at that confidence  I look at others so pretty and petite But only wonder why they do not eat   I love to live and live to love
Those around me seem to think there is a standard of being... In my own valleys and tunnels there was truth   I cringed at the dip of my hips, my attraction to feminity,
“I woke up like this” Or maybe “I was born this way” Heck I don’t know But either way is okay   I could say I worked hard for a body like this Or that I spent hours Plumping my lips
My hair and I were unhappy Waking up with broken hairstrands got old I wanted my hair to be straight  I wanted it to be soft with shine like gold My hair and I were unhappy That was just 2 years ago  
Flay the skin away Piece by piece Layer after layer   What am I now?   Am I The words tumbling out of my mouth The thoughts rolling in my head The despair deep in my heart
Highly underrated  Highly anticipated  Got one goal that is being the greatest  Prove doubters wrong when I make it  Been plotting this moment since my momma was pregnant 
Love yourself first, Love your imperfections, Love your crazy side, Love your silly side,
As the unwanted mask stares back at the reflection   She tells it that it looks better  and that all her insecurties are concealed under that was the foundation of her life 
I embody everything I thought I couldn't be  I am a spitting image of everything I thought I wouldn't be I look in the mirror and feel full;
Stared in the Mirror.  
Do you ever stop and think, wow I love myself?  Well start loving yourself to the fullest Flaws and all, you are BEAUTIFUL Flawless? No. No one is flawless We are all beautiful We are all HUMANS
Can you hear the sound of the world calling your name? Can you hear your heart talking to your brain to make sure you are awake? Can you hear your name being called repeatedly by those around you? Cause I can't
I woke up like this 5’1, neither team light-skinned nor dark-skinned tone Eye sight on “ooo girl, how could you see out of those” I just step out of the 90’s decade clothes
Bloody Love
“Because I Said So”
Do not tear at your mirror Do not pull at your skin
I am from frigid rinks, from bruised knees and injuries. 
I am flawless because I am strong from once being weak, I am not flawless because they told me to shrink, I am flawless because I am successful and will threaten a male,
#flawless There’s always two souls to a person The one everyone sees from day to day And the one that hides and waits for the chance of immersion Because she never witnesses daybreak
Flaw(less) Freckles.
Flashback   A blast from my past   10 years old and growing fast       A sweet little girl   Innocent and pure  
Many times I see fear For those around me it is clear Boots, jeans, and cowboy hats don't belong here Yet, I stand perfect my broken mirror Strong eye makeup symbolizes my strength, but it does appear...
Hey, hey ya you! Remember you are worth more than any star in the sky From the pressures of life you become mroe like a diamond every day You're more than an option, but an amazing opportunity
Dear Future Self,   You did it.   Living with no limits. Losing yourself in your passion. Rising up and growing into the best you could be. Your world was waiting for you.  
We've all been bullied. My eyes, different from the others. My height, lacking. My academics, an idiot amongst geniuses.  My personality, strange and twisted as can be. Blah, blah, blah
I am flawless.
A filter, What is it really? Is it something to purify the air? Is it a mask? Is it makeup? Maybe even a photo enhancer?   Why must we enhance our lives?
Gowing mup i have always been taught to love myself not only for my whole self but for my body as well.
I woke up to face me in the mirror butter ball naked I saw all the flaws I once so desperately try to hid From even the young lady in the mirror who did everything I did
Ricayla Monique Gallop I've said that name all my life. But do I know who that person is ?
Beauty is sunkissed cheeks After an afternoon of adventure Beauty is messy hair After a night of studying Beauty is teary eyes After hearing a long forgotten melody Beauty is intelligence
I wake up every morning,
I was born beautiful. Society will tell me different.    I have curly hair. Long, tangly, brown, curly locks.  I grew to hate my hair.  I was 5, already craving to use a hair straightner. 
I am flawless from head to toe thought id let you know im like a godess i woke up like this fill your eyes with bliss and i called it dont need no man because i got a plan
    The Toy Truck Girl   When I was five years old My mom bought my brother a toy truck He loved to play outside in the dirt in his jeans
I woke up I had to wake up I had my whole life Waiting ahead of me in strife. I always dreamed of this moment Could it be my time? I could hear the chime Of success calling my name
I wake up everyday trying to be #flawless   The lipstick, the blush, the eyebrows on #fleek  
Paul N 10th grade   [Bold- say it loud]  
You know what AMERICA? I am not my hair nor my skin I am not a freak (well...maybe a little) I am what lays within my values, intellect, passions,  and relentless wit
What is considered attractive? How is beauty measured? Aren't we all special as individuals?
Sometimes- I tremble like the fault lines,
Im flawless... From my feet up to my noggin And anybody that's thinking different, we're surely to have a problem. Im great!! At least, that's what I say when I look into a mirror
When people look at me, they don't see me. There's a girl who's put together on the outside, With makeup and hair done to a tee. But deep beneath the surface,  I'm insecure, I'm broken,
Flawless In knowing I am not perfect But I aspire to life’s challenges And I remain myself Flawless
Growing up, I hate myself. Every time I looked in the mirror, my eyes would pierce into my soul with a hate that I thought would kill me in and of itself.
I am too tall. I am too loud. My hair is a mess in the morning. My memory is not all that great. Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth. Sometimes I don't want to take a shower.
Stand straight, shoulders back, chin up, eyes forward. Think fast, speak little, assume none, shield all. Be good, follow rules, don't question, respect honored. Stay quaint, fall in line, don't be different- so banal.
I'm worth more than a thousand sunswashing away at the darkness of those around memy voice blooms roses with the way my wordsgrow thorns yet project passionate beauty.
I walk into the bathroom i turn my head as my eyes interlock with the me within, I SEE With you
                                                                        I use to hurt                                          Crumpled into everything around me, fell in the dirt
My intelligence is responsible for all things that make me heaven sent I honestly feel like my eloquence allows me to have more chemistry
Less flawed than most Imperfect-perfections spotted scales hairy knuckes   I am one of a kind   I am the kind of one who has wrinkles streaming from their eyes Smile lines
You know i'm a girl i dont know f hat a blesing or not soceity exepts so much Im just a young women trying to be heself You know this ued to eally get to me "Is my  butt big"
Motherless..Fatherless.. that's the scar I hide everyday. Often quiet and to's not that I don't have anything to say. Not enough time to express what goes on in my mind.
Focused for the day and the Grade A letters to be exchanged Letters we all focus on that will define for the rest of our lives
My legs, My legs, O' they are much better than pegs.  Through lush green fields I dance and I prance, O' how my greatest treasure lies under my pants!   My calves are smooth and supple,
Very beautiful, incredibly smart Nothing but goodness in her heart   A smile on her face every single day and kind words when you come her way  
I'm about to write this poem, but first let me take a sefie. Ducklips Filters and angles
When I was younger, I was a bonfire. I blinded all who came to hurt me, and could comfort those who sought my warmth. I lit my surroundings with my wild light, and was never afraid
Me, I think I’m average, not perfectAverage guy, with average grades.Pretty average situation...But then I stop.  Average? No.Perfect? No.
When I walk down the street, I feel their eyes They look at me but don’t know why I used to stay in my room and hide Scared of judgments, Terrified.   One day I took a glance in a glass
My Flawless African American, pure type of beauty
  Taking a picture day in and day out little imperfections Quickly to be corrected hide the true beauty waiting to be discovered
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whom hold's that position? Whom is this beholder and what gave him, or her the right to set beautiful's standards. I may not have the biggest bust, but my heart is by far huge.
Whispers echo off the forlorn walls shaming people into conformity.
“They” say there are certain standards to conform to That a lady needs to watch her mouth and hold her opinion. “They” want to mold me into society’s ideal unflawed woman who bites her tongue and cooks in the kitchen.
Don't wanna be conceited  I just wanna speak the truth I've got unblemished skin And I've had a fruitful youth My teeth are white and pearly  So my smile's always great My hair is soft and shiny
I rise in the morning and gaze at my kingdom; the wavy grasslands of my hair, the muddy pools of amber eyes. I see the stretch of sand dune skin, I have hills and valleys on me.
Flawless I can tell you what does not make me so. 
Your life is not defined by: numbers -The number of likes on an Instagram picture -The number of favorites on a tweet -The number of comments on a Facebook post
I am sassy, as some may know. Its flawless in design, and that, I like to show! I might have some odds and ends about myself, And those problems I might have to lug and tow.
My bottom isn't the biggest, my thighs aren't the thickest   But I'm perfect exactly how I am My cheeks aren't blemish free, everybody doesn't have to like me But I'm perfect exactly how I am
To the girl peering in the mirror, who, for some reason, thinks she is inferior, because her hair isn’t straight,
Perfection   Perfection Is it possible? Perfection
The door opens. One step to your destiny.   You peer in and see the faces, The people who are looking straight at you.   Will you fail? Will you fall?   Hesitation sets in 
  Music poundin’, phrases boundin’- baby I’m flawless… Strings screechin’, conductor preachin’- Baby I’m Flawless…
I am flawless because I am One of God's beautiful creations Not because I am man-made, A photoshop modification I am stubborn, And sure, I may cry my eyes red But I'm flawless because I'm here,
inauthenticity is a fad.a trend founded on insecurity.add a filteruse photoshophide your flawsdon’t let themsee.
I'm flawless because I'm on honest with myself I know what I feel and what its like to be felt I know that my big eyes are odd and piercing. I know that even though I'm short, my demeanor is menacing
What makes me flawless isn't what you see It's inside of me Just because my face isn't perfect And I don't always look great It doesn't mean that I'm a fake   Beauty is also from within 
"Beauty is pain."  The phrase I was raised on. My mom, my grandmother, my great grandmother- Whether it was while brushing my difficult hair, or applying mascara to my innocent and eager eyes before school, 
Eyes, nose, lips, Flawless.   Glasses, nose ring, braces, Flawless. Silky brown skin all among the ends.
I was seven years old when it happened Wondering what I did to deserve this? How could a kid like me live with this disease? Walking into the clinic ready to give up, All they wanted was for me to give them blood.
makeup                 celebrities                                 perfect bodies and  then there’s me so much pressure to look the part they forget to look at our heart
I have awaken amongst the restless, my eyes like the crack of dawn raising from the tired less sleep of being naive and ready to take on the worlds wit and wisdom.
Beauty, Beauty she fell back into her a pool of pressure. As she felt every ounce of water seeping into her skin It reminded her of the pressure of being being ideal  as she drowned in her pool of sins
Which is really you, the person behind the curtain, or the person your best friend boyfriend parent ecclesiastical leader God
#nofilter, #selfie, #natural, #fleek Hash tags are the holy grail of most social media websites I can use them to show my followers what I'm wearing Or show them the memories that I'm sharing 
I never really understood why Instagrammers hashtag #NoFilter As if it were some kind of excuse To say “Hey! If you think I’m ugly, it’s because I have #Nofilter.” I find it rather unnecessary to
I'm flawless because I'm flawfilled I make mistakes
I'm flawless because I'm flawfilled I make mistakes
Everyone wishes they were different including myself.I don't really know who I am
There are 7,289,823,512 people that I'm- stealing from, sharing with, against, along, trying to please.
I am Beautiful Smart Funny Not afraid Hard working Lovable College ready Me.
It's hard to believe that a girl like me is Flawless. There are so many things that feel about myself, That are just....not. I don't physically flawless. I can point out everything I hate easily,
The struggle to progress...the power to drive  none will ever no how hard i tried  with evil on one shoulder and the other with pride no fear in my heart, but yet tears i cried 
They say I should be petite That I shouldn't eat Hell, I'm a big girl and I like me some meat!
In early morning  i wake to satisfy  not others but me 
As a little girl your momma always tells you Beauty is in the eye of the beholder That beauty isn"t only skin deep That young girls don't need make up and filters To be pretty  
Beautiful. I am just a word, but when you read me what do you see? Am I a famous celebrity or model?
Trying to find myself in a whirl wind
I can feel my blood boil. My eyes picking out all the imperfections. Harsh criticism that makes me bleed from the inside out.
Ive always used a filter so that others can percive me the way  I want them to.
Quadrant I avouches positivityNo matter what angle you gaze fromEvery daybreak, we wake up in the origin
Self-seen The strongest I've ever been A societal strain Recites lies and prompts pain But I Refuse the abuse Fight hostility with happiness And affliction with bliss To be durable
Nobody's perfect, and I'm proud of that.
When I look in a mirror, I don't see that girl in the movies, the beauty all the guys are after, or even the nerd, hiding a banging body and gorgeous eyes behind wire-rimmed glasses,
This is for all of Kim Kardashian's plastic surgeons......       I'm amazed that all of you have
There are no flaws with the body I wear.
When I was a young child, I loved myself. I confidently strutted my polka-dot sweater and striped skirt,
I am bound to you. Every moment spend together, Makes my love even better. The littlest things you do, Proves to me that our love is truly true. My eyes no longer get wetter,
      What if being authentic was all that mattered in this world of always having the next big thing? Being what everyone else thinks you should be, doesn't matter.
I am one amongst many  I have a perspective that coUntless cannot fathom to Understand Mental stability
5 minutes is all it takes for a stranger to see what a wonderful human being you are, to become captivated by every part of you and they've only begun to scratch the surface, wh
Head to Toe Where No one knows the real story of your soul, They see your hair and when They stare,  They seem to care Care too much of how You look. They think they'll read you like a book.
bags under my eyes and bad breath saggy cheeks and bad skin chapped lips and clammy hands knotted hair and torn nails these are the things that you see when you see just me  
Society may think, My skin is flawed, But it shows years of playing in the sun.   Society may think, My hair is flawed, But it shows years of being tossed back in laughter.  
"I am Flawless" I mean I guess....I didn't always think so though. The way my stretch marks curve over my lower. The baby tooth I have that refuses to come out.
Peaceful minds, peaceful thoughts.
All of our years we work and try to see, The girl or boy we are supposed to be. We go through school being judged and bullied, Just to turn around and judge and bully. We are called to act with love and kindness,
I guess I never really thoug
Flawless It is just a word People strive to become it People die to become it But it is just a word Beauty is in the eye of the beholder That's one person's opinon
I have not always loved myself. My hips are too big, my eyes are too small, my skin is too uneven, my thighs are too meaty, my hair is too curly, my teeth are too crooked,
Underneath the makeup that you layer everyday That thick and waterproof courage that still will wash away   You pass the mirror each evening and shudder at the sight
I wake up every morning standing in front of a mirror, I take on the habit of wasting time on adding a mask that only seems to be acceptable to society.
Everybody tries to fit in to places they don't belong Like trying to put two pieces of a puzzle together that shouldnt be there Fit into your own puzzle Be yourself Be flawless. 
Many people claim they have no beauty, beauty is not being atractive, truly we are being blinded by atraction, that is the great distraction, Beauty should be what you are and what you truly be
Those were the days that I hated being me
My hair is messy but healthy, I look at my figure and I am a success, I'm nothing but happy and wealthy.    My skin is golden brown, My lips are big and bold, My face never has a frown,
I have had braces for 5 long years.
love your photograph   it's now all social media don't fear criteria   getting likes, sharing pictures everyone has different scriptures.   sometimes people feel insecure
Shaken   Adopted   Abandoned   Abused   Moving   Friendships   Endings   Death
Gazing at the long mirror that attaches to my beige dresser  I have a serious, yet soft look on my face Three hours of getting ready
Looking at my reflection every morning Never knowing what to expect Some days I love it     some days I hate it But one day I look inside the reflection and see someone beautiful
Im weird Yeah I said it. Im wierd
Fear no opinons Let you be you Always be who you want to be Win the hearts of those you love Love yourself Express how you feel Show compassion for others See the beautiful butterfly you are
No, I am not Kelly Clarkson I really do have hazel eyes, Its where my conscience hides It tells me I am beautiful But I deny It sings me lullabys when I cry about how pretty hurts,
 I was once an ugly black girl with a big gap
I am not a diamond. I am not a queen. I am not a dream. I am simply me. I am what I love. I may not be perfect to you, but I wouldnt be anyone else. I look into the mirror and see
Respect my voice for it is stronger and power. I am bold and brave becasue I wouldn't have it any other way. 
     I'm an artist, freed from logic, An idealist, un-tied to politics, I'm a writer, a leader, but  no cheater, I'm a finder, not a keeper.   No one can tie me, I'm a fighter, not a lover,
My back is freckled, like my fourth grade classmate.  I thought he was cute.    And I have blonde hair that hangs in my face nonstop.  Well, I'm consistant.    My best feature is 
When did "what filter should I use?" become a real question? Is natural lighting not enough?  The real beauty is in your eyes, Not in the tint of the screen.  
Modern times are curious. My eyes see the refreshed feed that refresh me and make me see. Fancily Photoshopped fellas “free of flaws” but they are unable to emulate me. Modern times are curious, see?
Many women are ashamed of their bodies. I was. I hated my stringbean figure, My straight hair that never does what it is told, My thick legs, My freckles, My glasses and my eye color.  
They gave us a number And told us that it was who we were They gave us a number And it ate us whole They gave us a number
Look in the mirror.What do you see?A girl.Too skinny,Too fat,Too this,Too that. Imperfect is perfect.Those scars,Tiger striped thighs,Bruises on your knees,
Put your makeup on, go to the beauty salon. Get your nails done, my dear loved one. Curl your hair, keep it slim their. run an extra mile, keep your smile Just so they could like you?
I don't want to be like any other
The Girl In the Corner, Yes the one all alone, The one who is in the pouring rain, She has had a troubed past, Cuts that are like sleaves going up and up her arm, Her parents both gone,
The way my hair falls on my shoulder, the mole on my right leg,  and my hairy knuckles just make me flawless. The scars on my feet, the way my stomache folds, and my bushy eyebrows make me flawless.
The corset is now off, Putting all the guard down. What if they should flout or scoff? Sea of shame, go ahead, drown. Fabricating to care, Pitching bad self esteem. Yet they gossip and stare,
Horrid and Sad I begin to think why doesn't anyone love me/ Gruesome is what I had come to believe I was Little did I know  I was Beautiful   Crying so hard with no words to say
Why did he buy the sugar free jelly? Dad what's wrong with sugar It makes me happy. Why do I need to watch my weight? What I eat won't define me and Regular jelly suits me just fine.
That 6 foot 4 inch frame,  That weird way to pronounce my name. Those giant hands, and big ol' feet, That nice smile, that no one else can beat. The quirky disposition, The adorkable being.
Flawless Perfect Maybe it's Maybelline, Maybe it's just me.
Being told "Its whats on the inside that matters" never felt so true. Our apperance can be deciving, Looking fresh with eyebrows and nails done Yet inside is full of selfishness, jealousy, and insecurity.
Who am I? Who are you?Who are we trying to be?
Scared in a world with a variety of people, the rejects, the nerds and quiet people . With the people who belong on stages and are natural leaders , those who belong at the steaple.
So sweet and kind People may not see it, but I’m not completely blind…   You fill people with joy With your beautiful smile…
A slim waist. A perfectly proportioned face. No shape. Fake. The idea of a role model is twisted and deflicted by society. See girls are told to love them selves
I was givin a certain way to dress, look, hell even feel before I was born so when I was told " Your not doing it right" it sounded to me kinda foreign how was I was suppose to know, I thought this was me
It seems to come out of nowhere, that feelings where you suddenly care about your appearance.
Does this dress make me look fat? How the hell does one answer that? It’s obviously a trick question. Answer only with discretion.
You're here for a reason, Believe you are, And you'll find out why, Believe you can, And you'll touch the sky, Believe in faith, As your journey progresses, Believe in life,
Behind The Curtains  
So, why do you hide? So, why is it that you cry with a smile covering your face? For why, do you cover what's inside? Let it come as the frost that covers the ground.
I am proud of myself. Can be honest? Looking through my past poems, my past words, my past thoughts, all I can think is how far I have come.
Tolerence is something everyone needs to learn
I remember the first day I looked in the mirror and said, “Not good enough.” I saw the red blotches on my face, The rolls on my stomach when I sat down,
HelloIs all you have to sayas we walk each other by.Instead you let my presence go missingbecause I entangle vowels with consonantssynchronize self-love with confidence.too ethnic
What is my desire?  What am I trying to say? The words come freely in my lines; the lines roll easily off the page. Yet,  there's something that takes a hold.
Growing up in this world you are taught to envy others But why are we jealous of those in magazines or on TV Rather than wanting to be exactly like our mothers 'Perfect' people plastered everywhere is all we see
I see youWith the razorAnd youWith the lighterI notice your scratchesAnd I hear your silent criesWhile you grip that rope
You're young and foolish          Life is judgemental and rude Open up and live
I need you to live I need you to see That all the homophobia Isn't all of reality   "It Gets Better" Many youtube subscribers preach Listen to them They are actually in your reach
Here I sitand wonder why.Why am I here?Is it just to die?Or is there a reasonFor this crazy world?A reason to be hereto spin and to twirl?
Sometimes, enough is enough you tap out before the going actually gets tough nevertheless, no one else is in your position except you battling and fightng to get through
I am tired of living. I wished I lived in one of those fantasy lands where everything is great. But who doesn’t. Who am I kidding myself. It’s not like it would make me feel any better.
It drove her mad.  To lunacy occasionally, when occasionally meant most days. She did not know how to remove it.
I see a flower blooming in the dark. No sunlight or fed nights  Shes a little seed tryna live life  Got a hold on of what she can't see  Being fooled by those... 
  I injected my soul with meaningless concepts of beauty and love that I borrowed from mainstream media and magazine covers. Am I pretty yet?
Love thyself. Such a simple, yet complex phrase.  We want others to love us and to accept us.  To trust us.  To want us. 
I'm against my people, but my people are against me They look me into my eyes, but skin pigment is all they see Light skin, dark skin as if we aren't allnblack We are suppose to be unified, but unity is what we lack
We waste our time of day fretting over our subdual to the nachos We waste our time of day obsessing over the knick in our expensive boots
It's funny how things work   I'm from a city that tries to make you forget your worth.   A city full of broken dreams and promises,   Guns ringing off on summer nights,
Don't hold back. Show them what you're made of. Make them regret looking over you. Let them hate they didn't give you a chance. Don't focus too much on them,
  Of all the dreams I dreams I think about my self-esteem It might me high, it might be low Just talk to me, so at least you’ll know
It's all about the money, It's all about the popularity. I don't think I fit in with it. Don't want to be a part of it.   I tried I couldn't handle it, I took my pride and I ran with it.
I saw angels fall down, just as tears tears hit the ground.   Her fists shatters the glass not a second too fast.   The image repeats, she hates what she sees.
Born with a story, that includes all my woman ancestor's strength that co-habits with my own. I stand by what i believe is worth crying over and fight until bloody knuckles are stinging.
Take a good look at me, Go on, tell me what you see. Do you see beauty, rich and deep,
I was hoping to find someone And at first, I found you And you were beautiful and turbulent But perpetually untrue   I thought I was left with no one And maybe I was back then
Aim to become all that you hope to be, all that you dream to be, all that you will be
Your sterotypes are almost correct, Though not quite precise Here Let me tell you about Fried Chicken, Because it takes more to get it right. You need salt and pepper Seasoning salt…
out of a garden, a garden filled with rows, of assorted roses, a dandelion grows. pricked and looked down upon, the dandelion hides, waiting with patience for somone to find
We focus too much on things that do not matter. A meaningless focus equates to a meaningless result
Was there ever more a morning in July, Were a pair embraced A kiss upon ones cheek, set the boy to fly M'lord was that love, Send a sign to assure ones tattered mind, If so be it M'lord I love thee
Why are people so mean and cruel,
When you were in preschool you learned how to write your name
Oh, the things I've done, Working before dawn, midnight doubles for fun, College is helpless when you're an immigrant's son.   Oh, the things I've done, License expired so the bus is a must,
My passion isn't like any other My passion is the kind of passion that doesn't point its finger but its palm It is the air I breathe; it keeps me calm therefore I'm not a tick...BOMB
He told me I was beautiful we talked all day he listened to my problems laughed at my jokes know, the thing that makes people blind All the while, you become more beautiful everyday But maybe thats just in my eyes...
Life is a fight, But many of us hide behind conformity.
There is a mountain if front of every one of us when we are born, Each one a different size, Your shoes will get worn, your clothes will be torn, But you must get to the top to reach the prize.
It’s so confusing seeing with a deaf mind. Wanting to take action, but afraid of what might occur. Craving the embrace of your world, but shying away with fear of being hurt.
Right now while you’re staring at this screen there’s a girl out there A boy out there And they are looking in the mirror and screaming so loud you can’t hear them
A walk along the beach..A whisper in the wind..Without these things, I could no longer pretend.A hike among the trees..A nap in a meadow..I'm never followedby your ominous shadow.
Love is the cure for all disease, and also the cause,
why are all these girls actin rachet,back in the day we were actin classy,but know its all about who got the biggest ass,you know .......... i liked the people in the past
L iving without self-hatred. O beying the standards I've set for myself.
She, she knows all of what love is not. It comes to her like a foreign language nobody has ever cared to teach her.
 Oh My Gosh, I Hate Myself! I am hideously atrocious. Why can’t I look like her? She is gorgeous; a size zero; tall; model-like. Everyone adores her. Why can’t I look like her?
I'd change my face The large pores, the dimpled chin Sharpen the roundness, put teeth in a brace
if the boy you love consistently asks for sex but refuses to treat you like the goddess you are, leave him 
Everyone wants me to change never pleased this or that as long as I'm not me Whether it's my hair or my grades my weight  or my face Everyone wants me to change But I won't
If I could change If I could fix every little insecurity  that lies within my mind would I, even be I?   I could fix my nose or figure by funneling foreign substances into my body
 Look into this mirrorAsk me what I seeThe answer could be really simple,I see me! Only the outside; just what everybody else sees
There was a sad story, well it was more horrible than any. A story of a woman, a young woman at that... A woman  who spoke kind words, and never felt or suffered hurt.
I see the puppies, c​oddled and stroked- cooed at and held. So innocent and sweet, as they nibble at your fingers. I see the dogs as they stand by an owners side-
Jealousy is a disease, Eating away all uniqueness; Distorting the beautiful image starring back.  
You were taught as a kid to be nice not mean  but growing up you were taught to stand up for what you believe, so if a bully calls you out " your ugly, you stink , those eyes are too big" is it wrong to fight but
Stop searching,Let it go,There are times to use your eyes,for now, let it flow.Be the being of brokenhearted brutality,if that’s who you are.
They told her she could sing She didn’t really hear it She figured she could carry a tune But she didn’t feel special They told her she was smart She didn’t really think so
You think because you have placed your hand ever so lightly on my thigh without a flinch that you can touch me like that? My eyes never begged for more only my heart yearned to be felt...not my body
everyone, listen up, wake up, sit up.Put on your make up.Scratch that, who needs that shit you are pretty enough without it.Not many girls can see that today, instead they are pasting urban decay
There are more nipples in the world than there are people.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
I hope that by now you have caught all the butterfliesthat once freely fluttered within your intestines.And instead of killing them,you keep them in a Mason jarfor the next time you’re numb
Each and everyday The faces look the same Even when my feelings stray Maybe I’m the one to blame. If only you were who I look for I know you all better than you’ll speak And life becomes a bore
Legs are supposed to be for carrying you across vast seas of gray pavement and sharp green grass
Open your eyes, she needs someone! From her eyes tears run She tries to smile At least for a while She once knew fun   Where is the sun The darkness has come Its been the path for miles
Who do you love? Simple isn’t it? Mothers. Fathers, family all around. We love the mere sight of a lovely sound. The sorrow of those lost but never forgotten. We love being at peace, with the demon inside us.
We have our moments, lets get over it, and smile in those moments. i want to stay in your moment of life. so, in the meant time, maybe your dream time, even in between time, let me hold you down.
People have gone on and on for so long, That they love their things and the people in their lives. If you ask them to describe the things the love about others,
Do not let them cage you. You are strong and smart and beautiful. Cages are for animals. You are not an animal. Do not let them put you in a box. You are loving and brave
History has shaped the way we feel, think, and act. Time heals most things, but it doesn't change the past. Many people today, African-Americans especially Have done many things that just aren't necessary.
today the secrets outyou are beautifulthat you would ever think otherwise is a crimeyou are beautifula flower no matter the colorno matter the shapeno matter the sizeit is beautiful
Remember back then when I said I was all for me yeah I lied Writing this at 3 am with my pillow full of tears that I've cried Why did I lie maybe because I thought saying it to myself would make it real
I do not like that. The weird place. The odd shape. The abnormality.  I do not like much. Not what I see. Not how I see it. Not much at all. "But this is okay." They point out.
  Jealousy is a strange thing; like drinking cold coffee in the dark, like howling for the moon to sacrifice its light or watching a                     beautiful couple
  Her electric soul, her aching soul is scared and shines a cowardly light. They call her humble, humble and divine. Who wouldn’t love a girl with skin so fine?
"Hey, guess what I heard" started it all, It wasn't meant to hurt but It did... I didn't know it would Turn out this way.   "I heard she's a slut!" filled the air That we all breathed in and
Beauty is within ones true self Beauty is far pass looks and wealth You stand tall and dont ever doubt yourself Dont ever try to compare what your beauty should be
They say when you cry you'reWEAK"Suck it up " they sayUnknowingly they force you to hold back your tearsBut don't hold them back ; crying is nothing more than escaping pain
Many dream of popularity, riches, and wealth, but what they overlook is the guidance to the right of your shelf. Act like this, act like that, and be who you see, but life isn't all about being who you percieve. 
  Do you know how it feels? to not be comfortable in your own skin? waking up everyday and wishing  you looked like someone else finding beauty in everything in everyone but yourself
But don’t take too many pictures Heard they could steal your soul I was told that they could eat you up whole Or worst puncture a hole in that sweet little heart Remember the times I used to call you sweetheart?
Family is supposed to understand your pain Family is supposed to be there to keep you sane So what happens when a family falsely cares? You keep smiling and take all that you can bare  
Dark beauty that hides behind her eyes, no one knows the secrets she holds. The hint of a real smile on her face but everything else is fake.  She doesn’t want to feel like she has to try to be confident.
I write because I can be happy I write because I can be free Writing helps me express unwanted & hidden feelings Writing is what showcases ME
Your phone is so old, so last year, not cool anymore. That dress you are wearing is so last season. You haven't post anything on Facebook yet. The video you tweeted is so old I already seen it, not funny anymore.
They always has an opinion formulating what's wrong or right They utter words that damage hearts destroy dreams and alter lives
Who are you? Who am I? Am I your child or am I your toy? Am I a reflection of who you are or who you wanted to be? Am I someone you can feed your dirty lies to? Someone to hide all your secrets.
No is to yes As silence is to aquiesce I told you no But yes ripped through my body like a thousand hammers bearing down on my will power Your eyes insisted as my body resisted
They are broken, shaking, bitter and lost— I know it well. I have been standing in the dark Shadowy corner of my cave, Shivering in the mildewed enclosure. I have scraped at these rocks
I wanna be the bitch in the media. I wanna be shallow and have power I wanna have the power to tell girls they’re inadequate I wanna fuck up self esteems, hurt feelings, kill dreams
I’m talking about crown on my head & power in my palms. Closed fist in the air as I defend my cause, To be treated like royalty and never anything less, For I know my worth, so don’t take my warm heart for weakness.
Sometimes it seems like you just can't stand it, Watching as some people take things for granted. They think they have what it takes to make it through, But trust me they're no more better off than me or you.
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