Mon, 01/26/2015 - 23:39 -- lrb1997


You know i'm a girl

i dont know f hat a blesing or not

soceity exepts so much

Im just a young women trying to be heself

You know this ued to eally get to me

"Is my  butt big"

"Why do i have a pimple on my face"

But i realized something

You hae t be coinfiedent to be beautiful

I wasnt at the time

But you know what i did

I faked it untll i made it

And I did make it

Yeah i still have my insecureity's

But dosnt everyone?

But i an say that i am happy

Not only with my body

But with myself too

It dosnt matter what people think

Your always going to be beautiful to someone

But you need to learn that yor beautiful first







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