Friend in You


Friends are those who claim to have your back

but tend to stab you in the end

You start to feel as if no one understands you ,

yet realize that the attention and affection comes from the mother and father who raised you .

How can this be ?

Who can you trust ?

As your mind starts to ponder , you wonder of good things overcoming the bad times

or experinces , heartbreaks , and heart felt memories fullfilling each wants , needs , and desires.

You feel as if you are all alone and there is no one else left to save you

but in order to save yourself you must fight for your right to live life in happiness and to put the rest to

shame with your majestic ways in your own doings .

Instead of walking around , with your head down lift it high

for there are many ways to see greatness

look into a mirror or a pond to see your reflection

your beauty lives deep within

as you look at yourself you being to have confidence

no friend is worth having

if a friend is not a friend of himself .


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