I Woke Up Like This


Ladies tell'em that I look so good tonight,

Make them jealous, not much, just a slight,

Trying to live your life, lay back in bliss,

But they keep on asking "how did you get so flawless",

I say, well its all about keeping your spirit strong,

And forgive all those people that did do you wrong,

Cause I ain't saying what they did is right,

But if you want a flawless morning glow than look to the light,

Waking up flawless isn't always true,

Cause when you go to that mirror you may be feeling blue,

Don't listen to people say for a while,

Just take a walk in yourself, don't got to be a mile,

Do what makes you feel good about yourself,

If its singing, dancing, cooking or giving help,

If you wake up the next morning feeling like a goddess,

Then I dare you to yell it loud I Woke Up Like This,

Cause you just learned being beautiful comes from within,

Its not because you got curves, or your pretty and thin,

Its because you express what it means to be you,

I'm flawless, I'm flawless, stick to that motto like glue,

So wake up, post up, and ride around in that flawless,

And have those haters drool at your ego, jawless.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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