Dearest Darling, You are as I am


Dearest Darling, You are as I am~


You are precious and dear and can do all things.

I love all that you do and all that you’ll be.

I love now in the present.

I love you then, in the past.

I will love you there in the future.

Because you are all that I know, and all I can see.

I love you my beautiful, my precious, my beauty.


As Tall as the Trees,

Shining bright like the moon,

Waves in the Ocean,

And Clouds forming new,

Flowers bloom sweetly,

Grains of sand beneath your feet,

The wind blowing gently,

Your hair next to me,


This is Love I feel,

This is peace born anew,

This is life as life is,

This is bravery beyond all reason,


My Darling remember, the Sun and the stars,

My Goddess shout out, to the world all you are,

Looking far from beyond, the mountain top peaks,

Covered in snow unblemished like you,


David, and Solomon, Apples of God’s eyes,

Wisdom and power and strength,

A ransom of life, a defender of death,

An human beyond error,

Jesus, God in man’s flesh.


I must remember that I can do all things,

In Christ who strengthens me,

In all my activities,

When I lose a game,

Or fall in that race,

An athlete always finishes,

Maybe because of lack of faith,

Maybe due to lack of strength,


I will endure! I will struggle. I will fail.

But we get up,

I learn,


We be proud of our Losses,

For we are the generation,

Who will motivate the world to forge progression.


I am young,


I am judged,

I will be the leader,

I am proud of me,

I live in the land of the free.


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